If you had your choice of occupation, not because you *had* to, but what would you WANT do to? What would be the thing you could do regularly that would make you happy?

@viciousviscosity writing tiny useful programs that make people's lifes easier

It's the small things that can make a big difference. ☺️

@viciousviscosity I'd go work for the Mozilla Foundation. I could now, but I doubt I could afford to support a family of four in the Bay Area on what they could afford to pay me. Unless @qdot knows otherwise.

@freakazoid @qdot @viciousviscosity FWIW, depends on the job. Most at Mozilla are remote work. I've been doing it for almost 11 years from the Detroit, MI area

@lmorchard @freakazoid @viciousviscosity I work for the Mozilla Corporation, not Foundation. And you definitely don't need to be in the bay to apply at Mozilla. In fact it's almost better if you aren't. :)

@freakazoid @qdot @viciousviscosity I worked with a guy who was at Mozilla and he said it paid very, very well. Surprisingly well. Like, he had to take an almost 50% pay *cut* when he quit there to come work where I was working. Apply. You might be surprised.

@bamfic @viciousviscosity @qdot Huh, maybe I should. But the range of what one would consider "surprisingly well" is surprisingly large in a place where entry level programmers can be making $110k while experienced folks can be making $500k+ if they're working somewhere that uses equity as part of its compensation.


is it bad that i can't really think of anything i'd actually enjoy as a job

No, not considering the connotation of "job".
I often look at hobbies and such as self focus/self care type of activities, and an occupation, I see as more other-centric.
Perhaps framed as "what sort of thing you could do for other people would bring you joy?" might help?

@viciousviscosity computer and electronics repair! it’s so very satisfying to me :blobcatmelt:

Like soldering and replacing components/hardware type of repair?

@viciousviscosity software too, i’m pretty adept at both. from doing basic windows repairs to restoring old operating systems, from changing out cards and hard drives to soldering on new components; i love it all!

Designing and making whatever creepy art I could manage. I don't have the money for supplies in most cases.

Do you have anything in mind? Even something general?

Yeah. I wanna experiment with wooden & wire armatures supporting pink fiberglass insulation, covered in a thin layer of wax, to make giant, fleshy awfulnesses.

I always drift around, when I have the chance, between mediums. I'll make masks for a while, write songs a while, 3D design a while, write jokes a while. I'd probably produce seven or eight of different sizes, then want to make an art car.

That's a very sweet way of saying I get bored and run out of ideas. :fire_laughing: My artistic side really can't be forced, and when it dries up in one area, I may or may not have another idea on tap.

I like making things work, and keeping them working.

I'd like to run some kind of archive or museaum of tech and software.

I'd also like to design and implement redundant infrastructure for spaceships and deep sea exploration.

Curating the past, enabling the future. Wonderful!

@viciousviscosity I really, really want to be a storyboard artist and a penciller. I really want to help make finished stories more than really polish art to completion. There are some exceptions like I’d love to work for Osprey Books, adding narrative to kinda documentary illustrations, and that requires much more as painting.

@Leucrotta Getting an established story completed and laying out how to convey it?

@viciousviscosity pencilling and storyboards farm things out; they’d be jobs where I could draw at top speeds (and I’d have to), but someone else would really polish those drawings to where you’d have an awesome comic or completed film/cutscene. Not only do I like the idea of putting stuff out there more than refining stuff, I like the idea that other people would make my stuff cooler than if it were just me working on it.

@Leucrotta Ohh, I see - drafting it, creating a concept, establishing the idea and then getting to see it come to fruition. 😁

@viciousviscosity yeah, exactly! Someone else brings their design sense to bear and makes it better than if I were working alone!

@anne What sort of celestial objects would you like to explore/observe?

Well, I am an astronomer, when my health permits, and I really enjoy studying neutron stars.

I also enjoy the "outreach" side of astronomy: explaining our wonderful universe to people who are interested.

I've found it so fulfilling to explain and teach people who are truly interested in a subject and seeing the awe/joy/understanding in their eyes.

@viciousviscosity I fucking love community work, always have, always will. Be it online or in meat space.

And connecting people.

@viciousviscosity Write. It's what I'm doing already in all the spare time I can get. I have a roleplaying game out with a lot of books planned, a novel set in the same universe started, a weekly blog - so much words in my head I need to get out and so little time to do it in. And tend to the farm in my spare time, getting a truck garden in, cleaning up the old silo and turning it into a workspace, fixing the causeway and getting the hay field back under cultivation.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Wow, writing and managing a farm. You could write a story about all the things you'd like to do as well! 😃
Is it a TTRP, electronic, or something else?

@viciousviscosity The game's a ttrpg, 1879 from FASA, kind of steampunk Shadowrun. The farm has resulted in some blog posts along the way. This is a new farm, we just moved onto it in the fall from our old place in Virginia, so we're doing test plantings this spring to see what we can grow here.

@viciousviscosity being a New Books podcast host would be super, I think. Restaurant critic too.

@testingwithfire Bringing attention to new good books, while getting to whet your palette. Sounds delicious. 😁

@viciousviscosity I'm probably going to try doing a New Books podcast later this year... They pay in books, which works for me!

@viciousviscosity I would build small, portable, affordable homes for people who can't afford a full-size house.

@Guinevere Oh wow, providing housing like that - fantastic! Something along the lines of those minimalistic homes I've seen around?

@viciousviscosity I kinda got into the tiny-house movement a bit much, but the way they're designed now are as luxury mobile-homes for people who borrow some of mum-n-dad's money. I want to see something that the average person might use, say, in place of an apartment. Particularly since most young people are staying single for much longer.

@Guinevere Ah, so they're eschewing the "affordable" bit; time to get back to that, functional and reasonable. That's a beautiful idea.

@Dingy_Rat How does abstract speak to you, or allow you to speak? What sort of poetry, or is abstract poetry what you mean?

@viciousviscosity abstract art is something that cant quite be described because to me its the process of making it and the feelings put in that help put the piece together. And with poetry kinda like the slam poetry. I dunno. Im not very good sorry

@Dingy_Rat It's about expression; art really is about what you put into it - and to see what others take out of it.
Poetry competitions, that sounds like a fun challenge, while also getting to travel. 😄

@irina You're living the dream! Any type of editing you wish for in particular?

@viciousviscosity I like it best when someone whose mother language isn't English sends me an article with language mistakes and I manage to correct those while keeping their particular voice and "accent".

@viciousviscosity I really enjoy software development, especially if I get to explore new search and discovery ideas or help with the needed transition to a green economy.

Now to continue making that work out for me.

@alcinnz Are there specific areas of search and discovery you're drawn to, or the idea of the yet-unknown that appeals to you?
Tech working toward a green economy is a wonderful desire!

@viciousviscosity It's very much the yet-unknown. I want to help figure out how it can be done without relying on central silos, whilst providing more transparancy and control.

In that way I find I'm finally finding I'm getting somewhere interesting with my web browser.

And I'm keen to see what interesting projects NLNet funds with their NGI Zero Discovery micro grants! Finally someone with the same interests!

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