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Holding the paper close, his eyes scanning to and fro, one of the old man's bushy white brows rose higher.
"This…is a highly unusual request.", He said, now looking over at the woman if front of him. "What is the reason for this temporal application?"
Impatiently, she answered, "This whole 'one day at a time' thing isn't working for me. I don't have 30 days, I need to speed things up."
"You are aware of the side effects of time compression, yes? Compressing 48 hours into 24 is no small feat."

"Yes I'm aware.", she said with a sigh. "I have signed a waiver, and I have all the other appropriate forms. I just need your seal."
"Very well, " the weary man sighed with resignation, stamping the application with an hourglass, "but I don't think you understand the importance of time."
The woman huffed defiantly, took her application and left.
Father time widened the neck of the woman's hourglass a few millimeters, and placed it back onto the shelf behind him.

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