Turns out, making the beginning of my voicemail a fax answering sound has drastically removed the number of robo/scam calls I've received.

@viciousviscosity This is really clever.

It'd also drive me absolutely nuts if I bounced off your voicemail, but I think detering non-humans is more important for your voicemail greeting.


@IrisKalmia Might only need to be a temporary measure, though, if it deters anyone from leaving voicemail… 🤔

@viciousviscosity @mwlucas
Back before my town has a Papa John's location I had answering machine outgoing message that just said "Papa John's, please hold". Got some great messages from confused ppl as they hung up.

@viciousviscosity May I inquire how you accomplished such a thing w/o causing humans great anguish?

I'm afraid anyone who leaves me a voice mail will indeed suffer such anguish.
But I pickup the calls I know, within normal operating hours at least 😅

@viciousviscosity Another option is the reorder tones (the ones that sound before recordings like "this number is no longer in service.) Robots tend to remove numbers from lists when they hear those.

I have used that before, it was quite effective.
Of course, I had it say "the number you have dialed <number> has changed. The new number is <samenumber>.

@viciousviscosity Yeah. My bf did the same thing, but using the "I'm sorry but the number you have dialed is..." as their outgoing voicemail message. It can trick the robo callers.

@Catwoman69y2k Yeah, those tones seem really effective. I've done that and changed the numbers in the records "The number you have dialed <number> has been changed. The new number is <same number again>"

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