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It's !
Did you discover a second repeating fast radio burst from a distant galaxy? Did you overcome an old bad habit?
Big, small, share them all.


My consists of getting proper amounts of sleep, waking up at a reasonable time to prep for the day, eating healthy meals and not skipping any.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. ☺️

@viciousviscosity I want a pom-pom emoji so I can cheer for you but I don’t have them, so you’ll just have to imagine me in a cheerleader skirt, chanting catchy things 😁

It's 2019 and we don't have pom-pom or cymbal emojis…

Thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. 😄

I imagine a whole cheer section of just you. 😁

@viciousviscosity sadly, due to the Law of Conservation of Wednesdays, i slept awfully, i'm an hour late to work, and definitely going to have a granola bar for brunch as a result. :flow_neutral: but i'll find a way to turn it around yet.

Oof, that's a rough start - may your day steadily improve and let it end on a lighter note. 🎵

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