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It's !
Did you discover a second repeating fast radio burst from a distant galaxy? Did you overcome an old bad habit?
Big, small, share them all.

My consists of getting proper amounts of sleep, waking up at a reasonable time to prep for the day, eating healthy meals and not skipping any.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. ☺️

@viciousviscosity I want a pom-pom emoji so I can cheer for you but I don’t have them, so you’ll just have to imagine me in a cheerleader skirt, chanting catchy things 😁

It's 2019 and we don't have pom-pom or cymbal emojis…

Thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. 😄

I imagine a whole cheer section of just you. 😁

@viciousviscosity sadly, due to the Law of Conservation of Wednesdays, i slept awfully, i'm an hour late to work, and definitely going to have a granola bar for brunch as a result. :flow_neutral: but i'll find a way to turn it around yet.

Oof, that's a rough start - may your day steadily improve and let it end on a lighter note. 🎵

@viciousviscosity I got myself a new writing assignment from the freelancing gig I like, and an interview about a less soul-sucking job

the anxiety-inducing news is, the interview is in five hours

Congrats on both counts!
Hope you enjoy the heck out of the new writing assignment.

I understand the anxiety of interviews. Is it anxiety over anything in particular, or a more general interview kinda feel?

@viciousviscosity It's mostly general interview anxiety, though it's not a kind of interview I've done before.

What's different about this interview? I've only ever had the sit down and talk face to face kind.

1. It's face to face, and I've been doing a lot of phone interviews lately
2. I know I can do the work, and they know they want me to do the work; the point of the interview is to figure out what they'll be able to give me to do it.

I get the sense that they want a part-time outside person to do their documentation; what I want is a path of advancement to Actual Job doing their documentation.

Gotcha. 🤞 Hoping you're able to get the full-time documentation writing gig. Also with less soul crushing happening. ♥️

@viciousviscosity I presented about Mycroft.AI for my local users group on short notice (found out on Sunday evening that it was needed, and worked on the slides on Tuesday morning).

@craigmaloney @viciousviscosity Are the slides available somewhere? I'm curious about the #Mycroft project, but it's hard to tell if it's vaporware or not.

@mpjgregoire @viciousviscosity The slides really don't cover most of the talk. I'll publish the talk video when it comes online.

@craigmaloney @viciousviscosity That would be very interesting. Could you please try to remember to send me a link?

@viciousviscosity ran an errand I've been dreading, met with a dear friend and am slowly getting on top of my errands...

That's great! Good to put things behind us, mark them off our checklist and not have to think about them any longer.
Friends make life more enjoyable - dear friends doubly so!
May your trend of getting on top of all the running about continue! 😄

✅ Took child to school
✅ Got gas & breakfast
✅ Earned a little cash
✅ Washed dishes
✅ Scooped cat litter
✅ Making a tasty lunch

I'm on fire, somehow :fire_confused:

You are rocking your day!
And being on fire is very Red 😄
Nicely done!

@viciousviscosity I worked from home today, no interruptions. As close to bliss as I get these days.

Gosh I totally understand that - constant interruption is maddening! Glad you had some interruption free time today!

@viciousviscosity #WinsDay Mercalli fetched the tennis ball 7 times in a row!

This might not seem like a big achievement, but The Fetch is not strong in this one (nor is it strong in Bernese in general). So 7 fetches in a row is a major learning achievement. And it might have gone longer if the treats hadn't run out.

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