I hope this year is kinder, gentler and more beautiful to you than the last.

Miss you, @viciousviscosity

Hope the universe is spinning in your direction :milky_way:

@Averly She just came back a little bit ago, you know 😊 @viciousviscosity

@zigg @viciousviscosity

Wherever, however, and whenever... that makes me happy :blobheartcat:

@Averly @viciousviscosity Looks like I missed that you were replying to a thread in the first place, oops

@zigg @viciousviscosity I'm just picturing us all, casually hanging out at the galaxy cafe, where we usually go for breakfast, talking about life as usual :blobhug:

Thank you, @Averly
Missed you too. Hope your emojis find their way back home and you find your harmony in the universe.

@viciousviscosity Hey! I thought the other day I hadn’t seen you in a while, it’s nice seeing you back around!

Have a nice year too!

Thanks, good to be back. Working on a better year, one day at a time. 😊

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