It's folks!
What are your wins? Land a small robot on a planet over 56 million kilometers away? Did you roll over in bed and get more comfy?
Share your wins and spread the positivity!

Haha, that's a great feeling when you squash a bug like that! Congrats! 😁

My win is my ever so gradual self acceptance, followed with a smidge of self kindness. A little progress is still progress. 💪

@viciousviscosity You know you totally deserve _all_ the self-love. ❤️ I am honored to know a special person like you.

@viciousviscosity My self confidence has massively improved over the last couple of weeks <3

That is absolutely wonderful! I'm overjoyed to hear that! Yay! 😊

That's great! Sounds like you'll be creating new things in no time! 😃

@viciousviscosity My win this week is getting to over 600 moons in #SuperMarioOdyssey and establishing some really good 🎈 hiding spots in the Mushroom Kingdom 😁 #WinsDay

Yay for achievements! You must be feeling over the 🌕 with all that done! Congrats! 😁

I managed a few things through illness yesterday, including beating my illness! Today, though I dragged my feet, I accomplished normal house tasks. :fire_friendly:

Wonderful to hear! Overcoming illness and still getting things done is a pretty sweet win! Glad you're feeling better. 😄

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@viciousviscosity updated a free service to prevent instagram influencers from cheating brands #winsday tomorrow maybe help influencers cheat brands by cheating the data. #destroyinstagram forever......

@viciousviscosity I got a 2-fer. I managed to get the serial number off an i7-7700, which was stored in a 2D barcode not much bigger than a grain of rice *and* I got to set up (and start maintaining) an Ubuntu web server for my work, which is a passionate Microsoft shop. #WinsDay

Double win! Microscope and a non Microsoft webserver - that's fantastic! 😁

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