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It's folks!
What are your wins? Land a small robot on a planet over 56 million kilometers away? Did you roll over in bed and get more comfy?
Share your wins and spread the positivity!

My win is my ever so gradual self acceptance, followed with a smidge of self kindness. A little progress is still progress. 💪

@viciousviscosity You know you totally deserve _all_ the self-love. ❤️ I am honored to know a special person like you.

@viciousviscosity My self confidence has massively improved over the last couple of weeks <3

That is absolutely wonderful! I'm overjoyed to hear that! Yay! 😊

@viciousviscosity My win this week is getting to over 600 moons in #SuperMarioOdyssey and establishing some really good 🎈 hiding spots in the Mushroom Kingdom 😁 #WinsDay

Yay for achievements! You must be feeling over the 🌕 with all that done! Congrats! 😁

I managed a few things through illness yesterday, including beating my illness! Today, though I dragged my feet, I accomplished normal house tasks. :fire_friendly:

Wonderful to hear! Overcoming illness and still getting things done is a pretty sweet win! Glad you're feeling better. 😄

@viciousviscosity updated a free service to prevent instagram influencers from cheating brands #winsday tomorrow maybe help influencers cheat brands by cheating the data. #destroyinstagram forever......

@viciousviscosity I got a 2-fer. I managed to get the serial number off an i7-7700, which was stored in a 2D barcode not much bigger than a grain of rice *and* I got to set up (and start maintaining) an Ubuntu web server for my work, which is a passionate Microsoft shop. #WinsDay

Double win! Microscope and a non Microsoft webserver - that's fantastic! 😁

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