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It's !
I thought it was , and after the initial disappointment of not being one day closer to SaturnsDay, I realized what today was. 😁

What are your wins? What have you conquered and/or overcome? Did you stay in bed and get the rest you need? Did you get yourself up and do things? Have you figured out what connects the quantum arrow of time to the thermodynamic arrow of time?
Tag it and share your wins!

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My is finally getting to put together a production server for a critical project, so code doesn't have to be tested in prod! 😁

@viciousviscosity This might be a weird #winsday but I botched a technical interview for a backend dev position, but learned quite a bit about myself as a front-end dev.

"A wise man learns from defeat." πŸ˜„

That's an amazing lesson to pull from defeat like that. It's the best teacher, I'm happy you were able to really learn from the experience.

"Experience is what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted."

@viciousviscosity I hath conquered a speedrun world record!!

I also hath conquered some really well done (and so, really complex) UI stuff, and so have now a finger in another giant project!

'ts a good !!

@viciousviscosity I fought back a bout of vertigo that hit overnight and figured it'd try to kick my ass today.

I was having none of that nonsense!


You conquered that vertigo, that's fantastic! Keep kicking butt! 😁

May your mobile switch win in every way you need. ☺️

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