One of the strangest moments of dedication to aesthetics I remember, was girl who had spilled soda on her Apple keyboard, so that the left portion no longer functioned. She just found words with those letters and copy-pasted them when she needed to use those letters. I offered to replace her keyboard with a basic USB black no-name brand keyboard, and she declined, she preferred the look of her Apple keyboard.

@zigg @viciousviscosity i believe it.

I did similar things for german umlauts and other characters that I couldn't type with a us-layout. I got used to it, and eventually got pretty fast at it.

@phessler @zigg @viciousviscosity I've gotten used to the compose key, but I don't think I could ever get used to copy paste.

It sounds pretty unbelievable, but yes, plain as say she refused with that excuse.

@viciousviscosity She should've at least opened keycaps and then she could type with her mouse. I had to do that when the ]} key broke on a MacBook, it would've cost more than a new MacBook to fix, and it was MADDENING, but I lived with it for a year.

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