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It's folks!
What are your recent wins? Did you discover water plumes ejecting miles into space from a Jovian moon? Did you manage to sit up in bed? Big, small, let's hear em all!

@verityvirtue Nice! I imagine your tummy is extra grateful! 👏

I did the bigger, more important part of my yoga today when I very much didn't want to.

I have very few dishes to clean because I did a lot of 'em last night.


@thraeryn Excellent! More time today for yourself AND you've got your yoga done and the benefits that follow! 👏

Exactly! I think I'm going to cut & dye my hair later! Or not! Or one, not the other!

@viciousviscosity uhhhh, discovered i'm maybe gonna get at least some fraction of my wallet back! 👍

( dunno what fraction, but..... 🤷 )

That's a good win! Sorry it parted from you, but getting some back is a win for sure. 😄

@viciousviscosity I remained upright. All day. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

Huzzah! Up right for the win; hope your sleep treats you kinder tonight! *Hugs*

Huge or tiny, accomplishing goals is shiny! Nicely done! 👏

@viciousviscosity It's already Thor's Day here, and I have the day off from work! So maybe it's a belated #WINSday after all.

@viciousviscosity I had a job interview today! Didn’t get the job, but the interview went well, and it may have helped me find a better path for a job that suits my preferences and works around my social anxieties. :toot:

That's wonderful that so much good has come from that! I'm glad to hear it 😁

@viciousviscosity the construction crew finished the construction on the house today, so that's a pretty nice win for us!

Oh gosh, that must be such a win! And a relief; congratulations! 😀

Thank you! Yeah it really is! It's only been a week, but it feels like forever haha

I went out into the hospital to help people three times today and managed to help each time. The computer work still awaits, but the help for people is what matters to the people closest to me and feels the best for me.

That sounds so rewarding, just hitting that happy spot knowing you're helping others. Such a beautiful win!

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