hi everyone! i'm lily and i'm a light novelist, (aspiring) game dev, and tarot card reader! i enjoy anime and video games along with jpop and kpop! i have too many ocs but can't stop creating them! i'm pretty shy but i would like to make friends!

check out my work below if you're curious!

🌼 LNs: honeyfeed.fm/u/765
🌼 GAME: basicbaka.itch.io
🌼 TAROT: tarot-baka.carrd.co
🌼 ETSY: etsy.com/shop/thelunarusagi
🌼 SUPPORT: patreon.com/basicbaka


Hey all. The Kickstarter I've been going on about was a success! Thanks for all of your boosts and backings and words of encouragement. There's still a little time left if you'd like to hop in and snag a reward. kickstarter.com/projects/miket

(hopefully) constructive feedback 

carry (verb):

1 To help a fellow performer through a promo or match.

Example: "We try to pair the kids who are still green on the stick with an experienced mouthpiece who can carry their promos."

I'm following everyone who boosts this just so I can return the favor someday. I do check profiles to look for follows un/welcome info first. Apologies if you're creeped out by it. No pressure to follow back implied. πŸ’–

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