@viTekiM has a new brick breaker game out called SHKAPANG. It's available for Linux, Windows and MacOS and is name your own price over on itch.io. If you like retro style games with a twist, check out his other work as well.

#linuxgaming #itchio #vectorgraphics

Christ searching the internet is bad

It doesn't matter what search engine you use, all the results are just Bad now

I can search for table saw crosscut sled construction tips and there'll be a listicle with the number 2021 in the FIRST PAGE of results, copied from another site and with the year changed? And it's like that with anything you search? How is this useful?

Librarians, can you please resurrect human-curated web directories when you get a minute, thx <3

@mogwai_poet So real! I just broke 1000 downloads tonight on an itch only, pay what you will title and it felt so good. Even made almost $100. πŸ˜„

Steam makes you feel like a loser for selling 1000 copies of your game but Itch makes you feel like a champion for selling 10, and that's reason enough to support it

Linux and Mac versions are in. I'm only hoping they work.

Give it a try. Make something weird!


@rainonwires@merveilles.town Done! Not tested though. πŸ˜…

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