I remain convinced that if I could get enough people to play the demo I'd have plenty of backers on the Kickstarter. It's just really really good.

Play it and tell me I'm wrong. I may have lost touch with reality.

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@viTekiM Where is the kickstarter again?

/me has been meaning to take a closer look

@viTekiM "Play it and tell me I'm wrong." he says. Challenge accepted, sir! I shall download it after work tomorrow. (I'm sure it'll be good though.)

@viTekiM I still need to check out the demo (which I promise to do!), but I backed the game anyway since I like your other work.

@viTekiM I got a chance to check out the demo today. Glad the Kickstarter was successful; the game is definitely good so far! I played with the keyboard/mouse combo, but I'm going to try with a gamepad when I have more time tomorrow.

@viTekiM The mouse control is pretty good, but the game's definitely got a better feel with a gamepad. I'm sure it would help if I were better at the game, too. On a related note, is there a way to add a mouse sensitivity setting?

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