Looking for recommendations for on-demand printing for a small center-stapled booklet. Like ka-blam, but not ka-blam. Anyone got one?

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@craigmaloney Looks like they do digital downloads. I'm looking for paper copies by mail... oddly enough! :)

@viTekiM how big is the book, and how many do you need, and full color or B&W?

@viTekiM digest size?

A saddle stitch stapler is $20. There are a few options for printing at home that will come in under fifty cents a booklet in cost.

For what you're describing it might be a better option to get some cheap printing gear or work with someone who already has some.

A lot of shops will do zine style stuff cheap, but most don't print on demand.

@viTekiM I can't commit to the kind of consistency that PoD demands, but I would happily do a short run for you or help you pick gear to diy.

@ajroach42 Hey thanks! I just realized that buying a stapler was the most reasonable path for me. I doubt I'd ever need more than 10. Was looking at

@viTekiM That'll work, and I have one just like it.

I also have: which is a little more versatile and which is more expensive and less versatile, but WAY easier to get right, especially if you're doing a bunch.

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