I'm starting to worry that this campaign is going to fail. I've gone days without a backer and it's really demoralizing.

If you folks wouldn't mind... most of my support comes via birdsite ( I know... :blobsad: ) so if you could check out my professional account there and boost anything you like it'd be much appreciated.

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I see this is still going around so i just want to let you all know it's been funded! Thank you all so much for the signal boosting! You're the best! πŸ’–

campaign link fyi...

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I wasn't planning on backing it, but it's just too cool, I want to see it happen

@viTekiM I've just scrolled back through your profile here.

You've made multiple references to "this thing", your "Kickstarter campaign", "made A Thing", etc.

You never actually come out and describe *what the goal is* (at least not within the past week), or what you're making.

*People are not intimately aware of you project or goals. Tell them. Clearly, plainly, and directly.*

For your own benefit. Really.

"Chess Game Kickstarter update" is a good start.


@viTekiM Most people (in tech or outside it) are *horrible* at marketing. I suck at it and hate it myself.

But ... for the love of all that's noodly, at least *try*.

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