I'm launching a Kickstarter tomorrow. Here's a preview. Any feedback or typo spotting is very much appreciated. πŸ˜…



Sadly @craigmaloney the title is limited to 60 characters. Do you think what I've got is too clumsy?

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@viTekiM Maybe something like:

"Radical Chess: Looks like normal chess game. but it isn't!"

58 characters, and makes it flow better.

@viTekiM or even:

Radical Chess: Looks like a normal chess game but it isn't!

Which is 60 characters on the nose.

@viTekiM (Though part of me wants to say "Radical Chess: Totes not Archon so please look away, EA". 😁

@viTekiM It's a mechanic, so you should be OK. No assets from the original.

@craigmaloney yeah I'm not scared. I think I'm technically okay. Even I wasn't I'll never get noticed, which isn't great, but has certain advantages.

@craigmaloney @viTekiM Radical Chess: Everybody Run, The Pawn At E4's Got A Gun

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