Hey folks... I need to get this follower count to a respectable level. Spare a click for an old friend?

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@viTekiM oh wow, I always liked the idea of Archon but never much liked the games themselves, really looking forward to this now

@emptyfortress I have always loved the concept of Archon enough to love Archon but it's not super easy to play.

@viTekiM I'm all for bringing modern sensibilities (and accessibility) to older games genres, especially ones that fell by the wayside during the deathmarch of videogames industrialization

@emptyfortress πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ That's kinda my thing! πŸ˜… I hope I do it well.

@viTekiM judging from Byte Driver I think you're doing pretty well :D


Very reminiscent of Archon... but that needed an overhaul anyhow. Haven't seen that game in years!

@viTekiM Is Kickstarter the only way this is being funded? After some stuff that happened with Kickstarter in recent times and their anti-union stance, I want to avoid giving Kickstarter a single dime further of mine.

@Frinkeldoodle Oh my... I don't know anything about this... :blobsad:

I had no plans to do funding any other way, but I totally understand if you can't support it.

@viTekiM Aww... well, this still looks interesting! I'll at least boost it to spread awareness that it exists ^~^

@ericjahn Yes! It's like Archon + Chess. Which is kind of weird to say, but here we are. :)

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