I don't come here often these days (social media / emotional well-being type stuff) but I didn't want you good folks to miss out.

Short story: I'm giving my game away in exchange for feedback. and click BE A BETA TESTER if you're into it.

If you're missing my output I'm still using birdsite for it, because that the cost of doing business. If you're still there you're welcome to follow along. πŸ’– It's all pretty impersonal though.

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@viTekiM I had the chance to play a tiny bit the other day. If you haven't gotten feedback from me by this time next week, give me another nudge :)

@Cheeseness No rush! In fact I'd rather you take as much time as you need. Thanks my friend!


My feedback:

All ofnyour games are frustratingly difficult, with catchy BGM, that make me play for hours at a time, but long breaks on between :p

@viTekiM I just sent you some feedback this evening. Nice game from what I've checked out so far. I'll definitely be playing some more.

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