My game is 50Β’ right now for the Halloween sale.

That's just silly.


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@viTekiM I feel like I'll not enjoy it because I absolutely HATE Asteroids.

@libgrog Ha! Yeah.. you might not. 😨

It'll cost two refundable quarters to find out for sure, but it's not a good bet.

@viTekiM Yeah I'll probably just buy it and never play like rest of my Steam library

@viTekiM If you ever make a Galaxians clone I'll pay more :D

@libgrog Tempting! Galaga is one of my favorite games. You like racing games? I'm doing a racing/shooter hybrid now.

@viTekiM I actually hate Galaga, Galaxian is way better in terms of gameplay, but lacks variety.

@libgrog Now this is an interesting debate! πŸ˜€

I'll have to come back to this in a bit. πŸ‘

@libgrog cool. Links in profile of you want to see it. πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜…

@viTekiM BTW why did it cost me $0.32 instead of $0.50? Regional pricing? :D

@libgrog I have no idea. Where are you? Steam and currencies are weird.

@viTekiM this is a great little game. I am really bad at it but still having fun!

@mike That's cool, thanks. I always tell folks I made it as a means of having fun so if you're having fun you're officially good at it.

Try No Stress Mode?

@viTekiM I will later maybe, I enjoy the challenge though, don't think I need "no stress" mode to not stress.

Weirdly, I got higher scores before I figured it out properly and now I kinda know what I WANT to do, I'm doing it less ... getting better though.

I have to severely limit my gaming time right now due to an injury but I'll come back!

@mike Cool. You're in the post-beginner trough. πŸ‘

Minor injury I hope.

@viTekiM I got another copy because I think it was unfair I got a free copy ages ago

@viTekiM I couldn't gift something id bought for myself so I bought yet another copy and gifted it to somebody

@PinkCathodeCat πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ πŸ’–

Thanks so much! It makes such a big impact at this stage.

@viTekiM already added it to my "maybe play one day" steam library :P

but this discount is just ridiculous honestly

@MightyPork It really is. I have no idea what I'm doing.

This will probably just yield lots of people who'll buy it and never play it. I'll get 30Β’ for each of them. So... It would be a miracle if I make more than $10 or get more than a couple of reviews.

Yep... No idea. πŸ˜…πŸ˜¨

@MightyPork but hey! Thanks for picking it up. I hope you try it sometime and like it. πŸ‘

@viTekiM looks interesting! Would I be jumping to conclusions to assume that you had this idea while watching Tom Francis' Game Maker Tutorials

@CoughingSound Yes you totally would, but that sounds like a thing I ought to check out. This is actually in Unity.

I was inspired to make it after playing Death Ray Manta ( @robf ) and NEON Ultra in the same weekend. I love them both, but missed asteroids style thrust controls. The recoil idea is just a thing I've had in my back pocket for years.

Way back when I made a prototype where you could only move backwards by shooting. It was not fun. 😨

Sorry that was so long. πŸ˜…

@CoughingSound @viTekiM I never actually finished watching those. I think I got half way through and then stopped...

I did learn one important thing, though: while statements work like if statements.

@not_on_pizza @CoughingSound πŸ€” if statements whose body executes over and over until the text case is false? I guess that right!

@not_on_pizza @viTekiM I find that trying to write down the code while also trying to take in the broader lesson he's trying to convey, swapping windows constantly gets a little exhausting after a while

Just picked it up and gave it a few plays. Great game so far.

I turn off most the effects myself, so i'm glad you included that. Greatful it saves last name entered on the high score.. Its a interesting circle selector for controller users.

My only issue, and I had this with Hotline Miami and other games like it, is the direction controls. I really just want to use the controller left and right to turn left or right not a 360 selector. I much prefer a classic asteroids type control setup.

Amazing game! Linux and Controller support Sold! :)
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