Seeking opinions on a really rough game trailer. Lots of editing and text pop-up stuff still do do, but how's the concept? The music?

CW: flashing jittery high contrast video

TIA :)

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@viTekiM I think it works. I don't really know the game so I cannot tell if something is misleading or if there's anything important missing. But it works.

@viTekiM lookin' good.

Do you want this as a trailer or a "actual gameplay" video?

As a trailer you probably want some text explaining things over it, especially in the "slower" parts like the ~8s of title card or any other point where the tempo sags a bit.

As an actual gameplay video it's perfect, is the music in the game or just the trailer?

@wohali This will evolve into a trailer and a kickstarter video. :) Writing that text is the next step.

I made the music is just for the trailer, but it COULD go into the game.. idk

@viTekiM will listen in a bit, on a computer with no speakers/headphone right now

@viTekiM very retro/synthwavey. i can see both tracks working in the game. this might be better for the less actiony parts? i dunno.

@wohali πŸ‘πŸΌ

Thanks. tbh I'm not 100% happy with either, but I like the overall feel. I'll keep trying stuff.

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