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New folks so...

Hi all! I'm a game developer, a musician, a dad, and a slightly out of touch nerd.

In the day I work at Schell Games. If you have kids, they've probably seen some of my work & they don't know it. You might have too.

At night I make my own games & weird electronic music.

I love everyone I meet but I'm usually too nervous to talk to them. I'll hide if I see you in person, but I'll be hoping you talk to me. :)



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β›” WARNING β›”
Doing bits in a sincere timeline

Please delete and redraft the toot below this one. (boost as needed)

πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½

I'm never going to do that again... except I am... at least five more times. :blobfacepalm:

I'm really happy with this track. :)

What do you think?

This really made me laugh and I really needed a laugh. Maybe it will work on you too.

CW: Flashing Gif

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I just got invited to a very nice sounding party and the idea of actually attending it just ridiculous.

Having a social life in meat-space is just a hazy memory now.

I don't regret having kids, but the cost is high.

I hope newbies from Tumblr find out about how to use CWs soon and the benefits of doing so, I really do. Here's a guide by @noelle:

Say I just went to the Shopkins website and... are these things only marketed to girls? (there are only little girls in the pictures) Because... why?

Guess what.. I pushed a build of Byte Driver to Steam for the first time last night.

Insert "It's happening" gif here in your mind please.

πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ

What do you like about sloths?

(things I expect already: cuteness? fuzziness? so surprise me!)

(please boost) #sloth

Fun fact: In the last year R-COIL for Linux has outsold R-COIL for Mac 2 to 1 in Russia.

Literally... two linux sales, one mac. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Just remembered to set a discount for the Steam Autumn Sale now. Oops.

This is not some stunt. I legit forgot. I knew I was forgetting something so I'm glad it's something so inconsequential.

If you want to play my game for cheap, there're still a few hours left in the sale.

I've lost track of a bunch of shit. Communication seems to be the first thing to go when I'm overwhelmed.

I'm still working on Byte Driver though. Just not talking about it much

Here's a video:
(CW flashing/shaking)

...and i can't wait to be allowed to tell you what I'm doing at work. (hint: a game) πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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