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New folks so...

Hi all! I'm a game developer, a musician, a dad, and a slightly out of touch nerd.

In the day I work at Schell Games. If you have kids, they've probably seen some of my work & they don't know it. You might have too.

At night I make my own games & weird electronic music.

I love everyone I meet but I'm usually too nervous to talk to them. I'll hide if I see you in person, but I'll be hoping you talk to me. :)



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β›” WARNING β›”
Doing bits in a sincere timeline

Please delete and redraft the toot below this one. (boost as needed)

πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½ πŸ”½

Forget it. I'm tired and I'm going to bed and I don't want to wake up to zero likes and feel bad about myself.

I'll just subtoot you all at once:

I like you, way more than you realize.

please get me to the weed number of followers on the weed day, which is in three days. thank's

Anyone self publishing a physical video game? Please respond with a link! #toot #gamedev #retro #retrogamedev

Did I share with you all my new synthwave album? I probably did. I'm annoying like that. I'm also very forgetful. One of my best qualities. πŸ˜…


Doesn’t matter if it’s this place or twitter or somewhere else – If you only ever talk about things you find terrible, it’ll wear you down. Detox your thoughts. Tell us all about something you love! πŸ’š

Hey, so it's looking likely that I'll be kicked off my Masters course if I can't raise the funds for my last tuition fee payment by the end of June. This is over Β£2000.

I finish in Oct, I can't quit this close but I've also had a change in circumstances which means I can't afford it, even with 2 jobs.

The shame of asking for help is less embarrassing than getting so close, putting so much time and effort into it & not graduating 🀞


Hi folks! I've been poking around here for a week or so and figured I'd make things official. I'm a #Clown who is gearing up for adventures and shenanigans with my new-found kith. Other interests include: #Zen #Buddhism #Music #Puppets #GraphicNovels #TokiPona and #Anarchism.

I'm a neophyte to the fediverse, so any advice/help/patience is greatly appreciated!

Byte Driver Soundtrack is done and available for purchase! πŸ€‘

Game soon to follow. πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Sneak preview of the soundtrack for the new game:


Like it? How's the mix? I can never tell until I listen in my car, but first.. sleeeeep!! πŸ’€

Honestly I don't want people to see me as anything but a normal person just like them

For me it's not about integration, but just about being seen as just like everyone else, without getting weird looks and stuff. I get some people really want to stand out and draw attention and are opposed to the mere idea of just trying to be seen as a normal person.

But for me, it's a choice whether or not I *want* to be this way. 🀷

Pittsburgh area nerds! Who's going to Tekko? Who wants to check out my game? Thursday night. Come say hi.

New music:

Also should I change my musical name? I'm tired of Rainbow Kitten Surprise eating all my googles. How do you like Neon Neko?

I'm blasting them through my studio reference speakers and and I'm 17 again. Straight rocking out. Sounds so good!!!

Maybe I'm old, but Carter USM still gives me the feels.

Any game dev cuties got some cool game ideas they just can't make a reality without some really good code? hmu

Yep. I'm doing that thing. Sanitizer and cough drops. πŸ˜… πŸ‘πŸΌ

Hey if you're going to be in Pittsburgh for Tekko next week stop by the game room and say hi to me and give my game a try would ya? I'll be there all night on Thursday.

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