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New instance so:

Hi all! I'm a musician, a game developer, a dad, and a slightly out of touch nerd.

In the day I work at Schell Games. If you have kids, they've probably seen some of my work and they don't know it. You might have too.

At night I make weird electronic music as Rainbow Kitten. Also I make my own games.

I love everyone I meet but I'm usually too nervous to talk to them.

Links to games, musics here: vite.kim

I think I'm all in on this Africa thing...

An entire album of songs made from clips of Toto's Africa.

Bad Idea or Worst Idea?

I made another sleep purchase. ๐Ÿ˜…

i can't stop thinking of that moment

where rubber turns to clay

squeezed hard by a chain on a wire

a twist of a wrist cued to a mind

suspension flexing, heart leaping

I'm not okay. But I'm going to be okay.

Why is it taking the Humble Store so long to reject my application?!

It's starting to make me feel hopeful, which is not cool, because it's never going to happen.

make sure to buy plenty of shit all the time until you die!

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We had one drop-out, so there's a spot free again for this round of the #MusicCollab - if you make music of any kind and would like to collaborate with an internet stranger, you'll find more info and the sign-up form here: goo.gl/forms/rs9AXyoADn5OpNfq1


We have 29 sign-ups for the #MusicCollab so far, which is pretty amazing for less than one week! It also means that there is 1 (!) spot left - if you are a music maker of any kind and would like to collaborate with an internet stranger, feel free to fill that one last spot: goo.gl/forms/rs9AXyoADn5OpNfq1

We have a great diversity of genres and skills, but we're a bit low on women and vocalists! #music

If you're a musician and you'd like to collaborate with someone at random, here's your change: we're starting the third edition of the #MusicCollab! No genre restrictions whatsoever, you only need to be open to work with someone who might make very different music than you.

Sign up here: goo.gl/forms/X42bmzMHoDN6WtRr1

#music #mastomusic

I'm trying not turn bitter as I turn old and it's not super easy. Is this just part of aging? Is it the result of too many failures? Shrug emofo dunno.

I'm supposed to be promoting my game and catching up on sleep and I'm doing this instead.

Send help. I'm frightened of this thing that I've become.