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Alas poor unix system, I know this, Horatio

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If you could squash OpenBSD and DragonFly together it would make a heck of a nice OS

As long as you didn't call it OpenFly BSD 🤔

I almost wish I had netflix/twitch/everything else that's doing this, just so I could cancel them with an angry note

I love how "pay for services you use" has resulted in those services deciding to show ads as well

note: may not be true, or a fact

True fact: coffee was invented by tea drinkers so deplorables wouldn't drink tea

I'm considering setting up my own single user instance, but I follow people with single user instances who are much smarter than me and they seem to spend a lot of time trying to fix broken things 🤔

@sempervirenx bon anniversaire ! 🎂 🎉

(At least I think it is?)

I'm so glad we traded regexes for.... this 🙃

The expiry does appear to work, you just can't see what expiry you set after making a filter (it appears as Never if you click edit filter). And, after the expiry the filter still appears in your list and there's no indication it has expired or isn't active.

I'm going to mute the word "a" for 30 minutes to see what happens

at least clicking "edit filter" always shows it as "never" even if you set an expiry

umm does muted keyword expiry not actually work 😐

I got Splatoon 2

Players named "daddy" who do nothing the whole game are now the bane of my existence

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The bird from Duolingo is a lesbian, and really needs you to study Japanese

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"jail isnt real", i assure myself as i close my eyes and exploit the lack of fediverse-wide character limits by posting the entire text of the GNU General Public License v3 without a content warning

Something is spawning zombie children and I must stop it

Unix or video game? Is there a difference?

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@openbsdnow I'm not shitposting mum, I'm testing openbsd, gosh

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Guys, please toot more and often on Because when you are tooting you are actually testing OpenBSD 6.4-beta :)