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if you want to see everything i have for sale in one place, you can look here:

DM/ask on tumblr or emailing is the best way to get in touch with me about buying something!

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didnt know we can do pins on masto so im posting this commission info to pin!!

prices in USD
contact me here, on tumblr, or email to talk about a commission!!

Heya! I want to follow some more artists on here, so if you post (mostly) sfw art please boost this and I'll check you out 💕 #mastoart #art

me: im gonna take a break and not work till january

me: nvm i need money

these are an essential part of my latest game, ISHI, a bite-size pet rock simulator and you can play it here

This semester is genuinely just hitting me with one thing after another i dont know how i kept even the tiny shred of motivation thats still left in me

I just had my meeting with student union coordinator and found out that our student group was given no food and art supplies budget whatsoever. We have no idea what to do.

I dont have time to be sad today but i def am upset, too many changes in my family this year that used to feel so stable.

My great grandma passed away yesterday so im just giving her a shoutout cause she was literally the most badass woman in my family. Survived mutliple attempted murders, outlived her son, made it to 99 years old. Lila was pOWERFUL and an inspiration

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This dancing fox print by the artist Ohara Koson.

googled to try to find yuri series on crunchyroll and found a forum thread where someone was looking for yuri series that wasn't focused on male gaze ... and some of these commenters say that they're men and they also look for that ... as if peeking into womens private lives isnt just another male fantasy

Amazon Alexa adverts: the third instalment in a trilogy about the master, too lazy to make their own tea, and needing to reinforce gender stereotypes, and invent new technologies, to get their way (and tea).

thankfully i basically have something lined up for may, just gotta try to find freelance or something else to do until then

had to quit my job, yikes. On one hand im way less stressed now because i dont have to deal with the way i was being treated at work but ... on the other hand money😒

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