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if you want to see everything i have for sale in one place, you can look here:


DM/ask on tumblr or emailing ves.casey@gmail.com is the best way to get in touch with me about buying something!

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didnt know we can do pins on masto so im posting this commission info to pin!!

prices in USD
contact me here, on tumblr, or email ves.casey@gmail.com to talk about a commission!!

“Beetlefan37″ (alias)

His life goal is to collect the last of the surviving beetle wing arrows, which are scattered across the land. He currently has 3 of the 40 in his possession.

His adventure has been slow going due to his use of these arrows, as he must refind them whenever they get lost.

#mastoart #characterdesign #dailydraw

Hey I'm all sold out of kiss prints now!! I will be making more, but that's gonna happen after I move and apply to more tabling events🔥 I'm going on a little vacation next week too btw and moving sept 1st!!

@borko Mailed out your print! Thanks so much for your business😄 I haven't sent anything to Bulgaria before so unfortunately I'm not sure how long it will take to get to you, but hopefully it shows up soon!

did this piece for 500 followers milestone on my art tumblr!! vestais.tumblr.com

Trying out CSP and I really like it! It does exactly what I wish photoshop would do lmao. Everything blends so easily. I avoid digital painting because I struggled so much with it in photoshop but I might try it out more now that I have csp!!

Also I finished a new comic, but I won’t have access to a scanner until tomorrow. I hope you guys will like it!

I can still draw??? (I should've spent all this time on studying, but this was nicer)


These are about postcard size, roughly 5 by 8 inches! Printed on a cardstock paper with a nice weight to it. You could probably actually use it as a postcard if you wanted to? I really like how they printed, they look very close to the original pieces!

$3 each or $6 for both, with $2 shipping within USA and Canada! I will also ship internationally for a bit more.

(3 left of each!)

there are also only 2 of these zines left!!!!

there are only two of the kiss prints left btw but i'll be making more


All 3 of these prints measure just under 8.5 x 11 inches, and are printed on a really cool textured watercolour paper. The kiss is $8, bike girls and double venus shirt are on sale for $6! with only $2 shipping anywhere within the USA and Canada! I will also ship internationally for more.

DM me or reply to buy :)

CRYSTAL PRIDE STICKERS!!! $1 each / all 5 for $4

Printed on label paper so they are not weather / water proof, but still a pretty darn good sticker!

$2 shipping within canada and usa, international shipping will be more :)

DM or reply to buy!!

New and improved copies of my secrets of flowering teas are now available!!! This zine is 12 pages black and white, featuring facts and illustrations about the history of flowering teas and the meaning of the flowers used in them in Victorian era flower language. It’s also printed on a beautiful lightweight textured watercolour paper!

Only $8 with $2 shipping within USA and Canada! I will ship internationally, but it will cost more.

DM me or reply to buy!!

Okay it's giveaway time ✨
Follow & boost to win this fox drawing !
Ends on august 15th, good luck :)
#art #mastoart #drawing #fox #giveaway

Birds on a fence

The entrance to an abandoned but pretty yard in the countryside.

Watercolor and marker on paper

#dasidaria #art #watercolor #nature #countryside

repeatedly reminding myself that i gave myself one task today and i completed it so im not obligated to do anything else

I have more stuff for sale but I'll post it tomorrow probably because I'm not feeling too well.💖

Here's the first I have available! 16 pages full colour zine!! $12 with $2 shipping within USA and Canada. (Will ship internationally but it costs more) DM me to buy one!