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tooting habits:

:teal_heart: follows and unfollows erratically
:teal_heart: boosts puns
:teal_heart: florps are multipurpose

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:blobuwu: hi, i'm verity! I make games, write and read horror stories and sometimes am a med student

🚑 I do first aid volunteering and talk about that very often (under a CW)!

aspiring to be a social justice healer

🍵 Almost always up for tea and a chat

💖 topics of interest:
(emergency and pre-hospital)

Amazon: those of us who can, stay off it for those of us who can't, yeah?

Let's stand with Amazon workers.

how have I become the kind of person who irons clothes

wondered why things were loading so slowly, thought itwas the internet, turns out it was just AWS/Facebook

bit unnerving when so much of my online life involves that I start thinking that's "online"

Fresh off the Boat 

"If we get separated, try and join a white family. You will be safe there until I can find you."


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Fresh off the Boat 


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Fresh off the Boat, food 

"His body is rejecting white culture. I'm so proud."

I don't follow football at all but it was being screened at a pub we were at and

hot damn 😍

dingdong it’s another donation post. i’m sorry. i swear someday i’ll be able to cope without doing this but. not today unfortunately!!

i need to replace the money i’ve taken out of my savings as it’s money for my surgery. i would very much appreciate if anyone could help me out here 💕💕

sadly paypal is the best way to donate so here we go
i do also have a ko-fi if it’s easier

Records keeping software but keyboard led instead of mouse led?

I currently have open tickets with both namecheap (their registrar) and radix (operator of the .site domain). Any emails or IP addresses could help. Please send any records you have to

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a traditional masto it ain't
though you wouldn't know it from its paint
watch us talk slightly odd
with a wink and a nod
on account of a thrilling constraint

Catching up on Killing Eve and AYYY IT WAS FILMED IN MY PATCH

as with all family... comes with plenty of frustrations...

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there was one of those memes for "people you met less than a year ago but who are now your new family" and that is me this year! :blobcatlove:

I am sitting among people carrying chanel bags, thsi is very strange

this question bank website just panic-logs you out whenever anything goe sremotely wrong

it's ridiculous how all the things I use online require a login

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