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jordan peterson: the honey, which he instinctively craves, and the beehive, obviously a yonic shape, representing the feminine sex, the honey is the elixir that must be recovered from the depths of chaos. and tigger—

matthew mcconaughey: that's the bouncing tiger. the tiger that bounces

jordan peterson: —yes, this bouncing fiend. he is an agent of chaos, an agent of cultural marxism

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I will never remember the tar flags correctly

You can clikc pn any link. There's no such thimg as viruses

koala hate 

koalas' brains are literally smooth and very small and this means they cannot perform complex tasks like eating leaves off a flat surface

they are incredibly picky eaters, and eat nothing but eucalyptus, and will starve to death rather than eat eucalyptus from outside of their extremely specific home range.

eucalyptus is also toxic, and the fact that they eat nothing but poison also means that they are also incredibly poisonous; their flesh is literally smoker's lung khaki black. the only reason they're not extinct is because nothing wants to eat the animals that do nothing but chew on poison all day

almost every herbivore has some adaptation against their teeth wearing down over their lives spent chewing plant matter, like horses having long teeth that take up more space in their head than their brain. but not koalas. the most common cause of natural death in koalas is starvation when their teeth wear down completely and fall out and they just starve to death

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Wordle 217 4/6 


Tricky one today

ok we all know that stalker 2 isnt a real game and is just a bunch of guys in an office in ukraine making trailers right

my most niche tes opinion is that cyrodiil should be jungle in online

me, almost crying: the egg shaped hole. the egg shaped hole! the

𝓔𝓰𝓰ᴄᴜʙᴇʀ: that's right. it goes in the square hole

me: :NotLikeThis:

i refuse to play dark souls 2 out of principle but god damn do some of the fits go hard

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