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"jelly beans" is short for "jealous beans"

hardware has no place in computers. do not make me think about made-up concepts like "pixel density" or "screen aspect ratio" when i'm writing my code

the covid-19 situation is simple to understand. it's all made up by the government and the vaccines are a fake new world order scheme to control the populace, but also the virus was invented in a lab in china, but also the virus is not that deadly and it's fine to catch it, and eventually herd immunity will fix it, and also china is lying about their case statistics but the US isn't

All the thinking rocks in The Swapper are incel that's why they turned to philosophy

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The Swapper is a fun little game about how it'd be fucked up if rocks could think.

browsing through various games on sale as if I'm not gonna just keep playing tarkov for like 15 hours a day

watched this movie called The Thing last night. kinda like if venom was about amongus

been away for a while, i trust there haven't been any bad takes while I've been gone

Me, on my phone, scrolling in bed and refusing to sleep: ugh I'm so tired

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