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@Dayglochainsaw when i was
a young boy
my cousin
took me into a sensory deprivation tank
to do some DMT

2021 is the year we're gonna start having more lunches

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if you ask me there arent enough lunches in a regular day

lunch is the best meal of the day, vibrationally

slowly pouring shitloads of bbq sauce onto my chicken while I stare directly at you hey man how's your day going?

programming is such a bizarre field. everyone is super worried about educational outreach to get more people to be programmers but so few people want to unionize so that all those new programmers actually have good working conditions. and then we act all surprised at the fucked-up two-tier employee/contractor system that practically every company bigger than a certain size uses now. huh, i wonder who benefits from there being more programmers available but them not being organized. better not think about that too much.

its perpetually very funny to me that the public conception of victorians is that they were very prudish and proper when in reality they were, and i cannot stress this enough, history's biggest perverts

@geesehoward sprinkles Lyme over you, making your rash big and round

oatmeal is great but i wish i didn't get so horny eating it!

[hearing about corn flakes]



Software was never meant to be secure

YEARS of information security and yet no real-world use found for going beyond security through obscurity

"X509_V_FLAG_X509_STRICT" - Flags dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

"Hello I would like to rowhammer your hypervisor"

They have played us for absolute fools

my cat does this thing where he's small and soft. Every day he does this.

I am continually tormented by the knowledge that the prophets in halo wrap their long ass necks around each other as a form of foreplay

the prophets from halo are canonically horny sex freaks. they fuck

mastodon instance but the keming is really bad

@Aleums as soon as dank gets fed up with the existing distros and makes their own

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