@Em they're not gonna fuckin move to alaska! why is that a romantic idea! it's just "some far off place". there aren't a bunch of lyrics about how "oh i really enjoy the cold and i really enjoy stopping on the highway for moose and i really enjoy almost crashing because of ice all the time so i think i'll move to alaska". i would believe that!

hey man i put on my dick shoes one foot at a time just like everyone else

I saw this image and I have not been able to stop laughing for like 3 minutes straight

im gurching. im off the horgs. im whipping up some talf.

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The true poster knows how to read the tide of battle. Precious few understand this

the Golgi Apparatus sounds like a plot point from Evangelion

"This kind of work can cost up to millions of dollars to have done professionally, depending upon the chip's complexity, due to the extremely specialized knowledge and equipment involved. Thanks to the efforts of an individual who goes by the name "Dr. Decapitator," we've been able to extract this data from nearly a dozen chips for just the cost of materials."

thank you based dr decapitator

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