purely functional programming is a field of study devoted to finding increasingly sophisticated ways for computers to not do anything

ah you claim to like Haskell and yet you seem to have actually written a program. curious!

@venko Ah yes, but it so lazy it never gets anything done.

@venko Purity is horrible for programming languages and should be there for precise things like librairies instead. (say Perl irregular regexes vs. Go regular regexes vs. lua patterns)
And I find that the most interesting and comfortable languages are the ones where strictness is opt-in/opt-out.

@venko True programs have no input or output and instead just do random calculations on nothing for no reason

Bitcoin, basically

@venko @tuturto the less the computers compute, the less energy they consume → better for the climate! :blobcat_fingerguns:

Tired: Grad school involves knowing more and more about less and less. You graduate when you know everything about nothing.

Retired: Computing involves doing less and less with more and more, until you accomplish nothing by consuming everything.

@venko @bugaevc

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