at this point how much wiser are you actually compared to just "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"? How much better equipped are you to solve the problems at hand with all this type info compared to your computer just telling you to go fuck yourself?

small domino: let's ensure memory lifetime guarantees

big domino:

@venko is this asynchronously compressing a bunch of files?

Yeah something like that, this error is happening to a friend of mine so I'm not super aware of the details


Rust is the new Java!!1

Tasty soup of types....

Hindley-Milner type inference is warranted for better worse type errors....

@venko lines of code that shouldbe four lines of code for 200, please

also the builder pattern is very nice and cool but if the lesson you take from it is "let's make a Builder class" instead of "make your constructor arguments optional" then you're doing it wrong

the worst part is that this isn't even a line of code, it's just a printout of a type signature

@venko it's so much worse than I could ever have imagined

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