@eject @venko

Because canned bread is already invented. From cylindrical to cube-shaped.

@venko okay no. fuck this. I'm down to defend a lot of the food crimes I see on We Want Plates but this goes too far.


oof. That's like it ain't cooked right, but purposely


🤜🏼 👊🏼 🤛🏼 fightin'er words never before spoken

@venko $6.66

Pairs well :) with a caramel 0x0ca420fe (radio static), kids temperature :)

@venko I'm indifferent to what shape the croissant is but I really want to know about the weird addons

A tetractys poem for the cube croissant

But food
Bon croissant
A work of math
Breakfast building block
Morning built on top


@ohnojoh @venko That is so good that I am not even slightly disappointed that I don't see a good way to work “hexahedral bread” into it.


Now you just need to spread some square water-melon marmalade onto it.

@venko It's 2060. A revolution is brewing. "Let them eat cube croissants..."

@venko I know you can't arrest someone for baking, but you should be able to.

In my opinion.

@venko I continue not to understand how reality has yet to collapse in on itself...

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