@venko bet you can cause massive blunt force trauma with that

@venko the real innovation is that those aren't Thunderbolt ports, they're so you can attach six different cable locks.

@sanspoint @venko This is actually the computer the linux tech tips crowd wants apple to make though...

@debugninja @sanspoint @venko the linux tech crowd cares fuck about what overpriced hardware apple makes

i dont think so but honestly i found this picture on my phone with no recollection of how it got there

That laptop looks like it's designed to be a useful tool for getting work done.

Apple would not be caught dead manufacturing something that looks like it was designed to be useful.

@venko I may be the odd one here, but I like ''brick design'', because it allows for better durability and more space for air circulation, as well as proper space for better specs. All around good stuff, I feel.

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