@venko sorry, but i don't want to put food without proper CW on my TL (i was joking about the report, tho)

Ahh no you're right, I should've thought of that. I could tell you were joking :)

@venko @photophoregirl I’ve never seen something so hilarious that also made me this mad and uncomfortable

@venko what kind of monster wastes a martin's potato roll?

@venko jut putter and belly (jeanut putter and belly)

@venko what kind of demon uses hamburger buns for pbj

@venko I am dead now... write on my tombstone that I died to beesechurger

@venko @venko I can hear the distressed sounds that were never going to become words coming from another part of my house.

This is like the cursed video from the Ring. I feel purified now that I have passed it on.

@venko this really is something special right here. concept / execution A+

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