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i sit at my desk, relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine. i close my eyes and lean back in my chair, smiling serenely. the phrase "philosophical zombie" floats through my head. i fly into a berserker rage and break both of my arms.

its been said before but in 2 years the media ecosystem will collapse from too many streaming services and tv will be a basically dead art form

Yesterday morning I got up and grabbed my telescope. Finding it cloudy in town, got a ZipCar and drove south until I could see the sun. 45 minutes later, not far from the 45th parallel, I was rewarded with this: Mercury transiting the sun! It's that small black dot in the lower right, the gray wispy bits are clouds passing in front of the sun 🔭

what if it was John Wonk and he was a hill staffer planning on voting for Warren

torn between wanting forums back and the nagging memory that forums sucked ass

It’s the season of lights on cranes as we mark the beginning of “crap it’s dark already” in #Seattle.

Aarseth: Cybertext, as now should be clear, is the wide range... of possible textualities seen as a typology of machines, as various kinds of literary communication systems where the functional differences among the mechanical parts play a defining role in determining the aesthetic process. [...] If these texts redefine literature by expanding our notion of it—and I believe that they do—then they must also redefine what is literary...

2019 web:

it's been 3 days now so here's my review of bullet journaling and being proactive about task management:

i cleaned my bathroom yesterday after work. i tidied up and even wiped down my computer desk this morning at 7am. Every • I turn into an X in my journal is a paroxysm of ecstasy sent racing across my body. i know when my appointments are and stuff.

Fukced up that yuo can grow opium poppies but not weed in stardew vallet. Not sure wbat kind of message this sends to tge kids. Fukcing cultural Marxism.

vibrating into the realm of pure sensation inside the trader joe’s. becoming a danger to myself and others. heaving and drooling on the floor

I feel like everyone forgets that being a kid actually sucks dog ass

This country’s sidewalks are filled with Annihilation aliens who refuse to let me get around them.

The peasants hath become accustomed to speaking a most detestable phrase: “as you say, Elder.” They utter it with a most indecent tone, implying disbelief and rebellious sentiments. This phrase might rightly be compared to the gravest insult of our age, which I dare not write.

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