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Software was never meant to be secure

YEARS of information security and yet no real-world use found for going beyond security through obscurity

"X509_V_FLAG_X509_STRICT" - Flags dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

"Hello I would like to rowhammer your hypervisor"

They have played us for absolute fools

I love abandoning type-level correctness guarantees for value-level ones because C++ can't figure out how to make modern features ergonomic

In many ways I'm a tired guy. Just a sleepy little man.

"Okay, time to make a good post. You can do this," i whisper to myself while logging into cybre dot space. I stare into the empty post box. My eyes lose focus and my tongue lolls out of my mouth while my fingers roll across the keyboard with minds of their own. I emerge from my fugue and read over my work:

"nobody expects the Situationist International haha is this anything?"

I lay my head on my desk and sob for hours.

damn vro could oyu imagine if someone politicized the supreme court. would that be fucked up or what

*teleports behind you but accidentally clips into a nearby wall and gibs instantly*

animals. they're essentially just some guys who are nearby

going back in time to give john stuart mill an atomic wedgie

Guard 1: Halt traveler! You must answer our riddle!
Guard 2: Here we go again...
Guard 1: One of us only tells the truth, and the other only tells LIES!
Guard 2: Jesus christ, I said I was sorry!

jordan peterson: winnie the pooh, really, uhh, he's a representative of man's condition when he has been shorn from the natural hierarchy. he has become, in a literal sense, he has become an animal. and he lives in a tree. there is no separation between him and nature. he is no longer in god's kingdom

matthew mcconaughey: that's exactly what i'm talking about. that's exactly what i've been trying to say. you know

jordan peterson: the honey, which he instinctively craves, and the beehive, obviously a yonic shape, representing the feminine sex, the honey is the elixir that must be recovered from the depths of chaos. and tigger—

matthew mcconaughey: that's the bouncing tiger. the tiger that bounces

jordan peterson: —yes, this bouncing fiend. he is an agent of chaos, an agent of cultural marxism

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I will never remember the tar flags correctly

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