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look at how satisfying it is to see it all light up when it learns stuff

hot take: the term "operator overloading" means that any amount of it is excessive, by definition

love too snuggle up all cozy in bed and spend the next hour vibrating with energy I didn't have until I settled down

Today I learned that there was a proposal to add whitespace overloading into C++. Wow.

me, a simple child: Dude you gotta try functional programming with monads
me, a sagely adult,: Dude you gotta try cooking with actually sharp kitchen knives I bought this set last week and oh my gosh they are amazi

Staring Into The Impenetrable Void ~Binaural~ ASMR [45 mins].mkv

An entire counter in my kitchen covered in Amazon dash buttons. I take a deep breath and begin playing the buttons like an organ, but they are all for ordering furbies.

To love another person is to substitute the acute pang of loneliness with the inevitable sorrow of loss. It is an exercise in deferred suffering.

Love is a lifetime game of chicken. Who will do the losing? And who will be lost? He who wins is first in the grave.

it's still valentines day right fuckit send tweet

ive invented a new kind of website that works without internet. called an exe