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i could play my Nintendo switch on the train but i don’t want other people to think my wife is cheating on me

These Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence Will Have You Saying "This isn't Jennifer Lawrence these are pictures of the Provisional Irish Republican Army"

Well well well, the Bolivia coup based on predictable OAS lies, turns out to have been indeed lies

ok so
i get to class like 15 minutes late
i slide into a chair with my hand already up to answer the question about what the sympathetic nervous system is (basic shit) ok fine. then: "ok so whats an example of how the sympathetic nervous system could be stimulated?"
me, late af , loud, and on 100000 stimulants:
everyone laughed and it was chill so the rest of time we discussed the SNS stimulation as if the subject had seen a fucking dinosaur

im the one who replies to all the r/relationships posts about shitty family members with "dump him"

- WHO declared a global emergency?
- That's what I'm tellin ya!
- Look this is getting us nowhere. Let's ask the Chinese. Who's the current head of the CCP?
- No he isn't!
- Isn't what?
- Hu isn't the CCP head.
- Seven billion people aren't!
- No I mean Hu was the CCP head, but Xi is now.
- Huh?
- No, Hu.
- I'm askin ya!
- Anyway WHO declared an emergency, not Xi.
- My head is spinning, I need to see the doctor, does the BBC have one?
-Sure, she regenerated two seasons ago.
- Who did?
- She did.

duckduckgo what's my friends name

quora can you tell me what the people i know are called

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It's Friday, people! You know what that means.... 

Staggering like a drunk from one work catastrophe to the next, knocking over chairs and shitting in the elevator

choose your white leftist:

I was exposed to the word "trotskyist" at the same time the word "brony" was coined and showed up everywhere and people seemed angry at both so I just assumed it was some sort of annoying marxist brony.

omg the function-row keys on the v2 Kinesis Advantage are Cherry low-force tactile switches instead of whatever weird rubbery shit they used on the last one unffhhfhfhfhfhhhhhhh this is so nice

cool music theory thing

To make the music differ from era to era for Civ 5, they actually did a few cool things.

First started off with only traditional instruments and the most barebones part of an important theme to a country.

then add some small flourishes.

And then in the industrial age, it's pretty much the sweeping orchestra that you remember for the tune. So... how do you make that different from the modern age?

You give the song to another composer and have their take.

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