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I love this picture because it was clearly made by someone who was, for some reason, really like, salty about the design of the DS and it having more than one screen xux ;

idk who needs to hear this but people should know that category theory was invented in a conspiracy to construct the world's biggest nerd-snipe. Deciding to get into category theory is the academic equivalent of falling for one of those box-and-stick traps from looney tunes

"The Rise of Coq with Sized Types"

At this point the title isn't very descriptive of what the paper actually is

"SuccCoq: Successor Sized Types in the Calculus of (Co)Inductive Constructions"

"Hey guys I discovered a new kind of lizard I'm calling it a shitpussy"

producing or consuming math rock should be a jailable offense

ugh spotify's discover weekly is trying to give me math rock

bear grylls starving in the wilderness deciding he has to eat his own ass to survive

#dudesecrets if a random dude you never interacted with on this website has you blocked its probably because he saw a random thotty / lewd selfie of you and it burrowed into his brain and drove him horny mad and rather than succumb to reply guy poisoning he took proactive action

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