apparently are a thing here. i suck at introductions but... hi i'm vdd, i like to break stuff and make stuff; i love programming and i don't think i'd enjoy life without it. i also do hw/sw reverse engineering when i need to get something done but no docs are provided. despite doing weird things with software and electronics i suck at maths (whoever invented that stereotype go eat pant). how about music... i like synthwave/80s electronica/electronic metal/probably other genres i forgot about

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@vdd Awoooo and welcome! I also love those musics and am a big fan of Mogi Grumbles, what do you like in those genres?

@Gryph0n i think the one thing that connects all those genres is synthesizer. i love synth and bass, bonus points if there's guitar mixed in. just checked out Mogi Grumbles, dude those are some sick vibes!

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