dusting off old projects feels like standing in front of your mirror, looking yourself deep in the eye and asking "the fuck did you do in there, idiot"

some time ago i made a logo for my gamedev framework called "Chroma". i wonder if it's me being too proud of it or these two just really vibe well together

deciding on what kinda game you wanna make is hard ._.

need... more... coffee... *thud*

gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam gamejam itch.io/jam/brackeys-4

opengl is only fun on paper, it gets grizzly when you're actually using it and it gets even worse when you're trying to use it from a higher level enviroment. send help.

oh fuck this thing has a windows 95 theme, yes please

yes, my memory isn't as shit as i thought! power restored. certain someone reminded me this exists, maybe this time i'll actually be active for more than a while

vdd relayed


Hello! I'm Elaine! I'm a trans girl and a writer! I primarily write fanfiction - you can find my works at archiveofourown.org/users/word!

However, I'm also starting work on a lizard/reptile/monster dating sim game, where you can date (among other things): a shy, nerdy T-rex, a non-binary mermaid, and a huge dragon! I'm really looking forward to sharing that with you - follow me here for more updates on it!

Thanks so much for following me! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all~

so i productively spent my day playing EXAPUNKS by zachtronics. i love golfing assembly code

aaaaaaaaaaa i'm getting drowned in regexes *unrecognizable blurbing*

poorly written mvvm applications do the exact opposite of what mvvm pattern was supposed to do - it makes me cringe instead of cheer. why do you use viewmodels when you implement shit in codebehind anyway, for fucks sake.

vdd relayed

That was a long and a very tiring day, thankfully MBR's "C:\>EDIT AUTOEXEC.BAT" album keeps me cheerful for the evening.

So emuparadise took down most of the ROMs and ISOs. Time to make -cough- personal... archives.

apparently are a thing here. i suck at introductions but... hi i'm vdd, i like to break stuff and make stuff; i love programming and i don't think i'd enjoy life without it. i also do hw/sw reverse engineering when i need to get something done but no docs are provided. despite doing weird things with software and electronics i suck at maths (whoever invented that stereotype go eat pant). how about music... i like synthwave/80s electronica/electronic metal/probably other genres i forgot about


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