Should I read my old toots

I remember saying something about playing Puyo and getting sad because I'll never be an anime girl or something

This could be a test of me not judging myself, or I could literally melt

The browns are winning and I got a poncho. It's a good night

@SpindleyQ ohhhh snow, got it. I thought that was every day ha ha

@SpindleyQ oh I'm glad you liked it! Yeah that's a side podcast that covers Sega games, I'm hit or miss on the one.

Your commute sounds horrible holy shit

@SpindleyQ hey! I'm mopping my floors and listening to Beck, peak me I guess.

Sup 2u

i only show up on mastodon when i'm feeling extra gay


had a realization yesterday that i assume nobody could or should trust their parents? i guess that's not true

horny and bored and waiting for a place to tell me i have a new job

@hache i fell off taz after the first arc ended. i have listened to like, half an episode of mbmbam recently and was just



...that said i will watch every monster factory that ever gets made

i think maybe i'm bored with the mcelroys

i'm kinda sad about it

Your gender does not have to be recognizable, understandable, or acceptable to your society.

You can be a mystery.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

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