I've never made a map in Doom before, but I've already started making impossible structures and infinite hallways. This game fucking rules, how come nobody ever told me this before?? (Everyone has been saying this for years I just ignored them)

also if i can figure this out, anyone can. this is way easier than i thought it would be

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WIP but

guess what i was thinking about today as i worked on my DOOM map

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@vastlecania this is legit getting me waaay too into the idea of making doom walking sims

@vastlecania editing WADs is the very very best. what editor are you using?

Slade 3, seems more features than doom builder AND easier

@vastlecania I'll check it out. My ancient favorite, DCK, seems to be beyond the capacity of DOS emulators. Have you seen the Game Engine Black Book about Doom?

@bulkington I haven't! seems above my head but looks cool, haha

@vastlecania Yeah, the middle chunk needs some tech knowledge, but there's a lot in there for an interested reader. A story of the development process, info on early 90s hardware (they go into all of the console ports) talk about what the game industry was like back then. it's a true labor of love. I want to get the Wolfenstein one an I really hope he does one for Quake.

@vastlecania I was a gigantic little 12 year old nerd in 1994, so there's a heavy nostalgic glow radiating from that book for me. ymm definitely v.

@vastlecania also is the endless hall thing something enabled by one of the expanded game engines? I thought I knew just about every weird hack you could do with that game but I haven't seen this one.

It's in the Eternity engine, you have to use at least 3, like, rooms that are not connected for weird reasons but otherwise it mostly works.

Like, that gap in the wall is actually a third section connecting the red and blue rooms

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