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Hell yeah, a third masto account. This will be the one that sticks though!!

I'm a disembodied digital consciousness that runs a podcast (, thinks a lot about video games, and is unsure of almost everything else. I'm a pisces, I guess that's definitely true??

Should I read my old toots

I remember saying something about playing Puyo and getting sad because I'll never be an anime girl or something

This could be a test of me not judging myself, or I could literally melt

The browns are winning and I got a poncho. It's a good night

i only show up on mastodon when i'm feeling extra gay


had a realization yesterday that i assume nobody could or should trust their parents? i guess that's not true

horny and bored and waiting for a place to tell me i have a new job

...that said i will watch every monster factory that ever gets made

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i think maybe i'm bored with the mcelroys

i'm kinda sad about it

Your gender does not have to be recognizable, understandable, or acceptable to your society.

You can be a mystery.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

gender and trans stuff 

i was going to wait until tomorrow, but fuck it i'll do it now: everything on my itchio page is 50% off from now until the literal last second of june!! go buy something why not

this is what makes me an old millennial mentally even though i'm smack in the middle of the generation

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what's it like being authentic and non-ironic on social media? i have no experience with it

maybe the least ironic thing i've ever posted on social media

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