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@behold3r @dankwraith I would be very interested in hearing more on that, out of morbid curiosity.

@dankwraith I've tried twice now to start using a local bank or credit union and both times they've deleted my online banking account. (Which was also a shitty and low functionality UI, just to put a cherry on top.) Also my ATM card, when I didn't use it frequently enough!

So... I'm still using my hometown bank from 500 miles away because they don't fuck around.

Dunno what's wrong with these places.

@vantablack If it's cold enough out, you don't need a freezer. 😬

I did it!!! I found it
I found the scariest video on the internet

you're welcome

@binder @amolith Heh, good point. Or even:

what the code does ❌
what the code did ❌
what the author thought the code did ❌
what someone thought the code did βœ…


@morgiano I just barely understand this, having watched some of the Practical Engineering videos on YT. πŸ˜† When you say the generator's optimal speed is independent of water flux, that's because the water velocity is independent of flux, right? Or am I totally off base?

2 kW... I recently learned that pro cyclists sometimes measure their performance in W/kg, and I calculated that my peak output is probably 1 kW, not sustainable for more than a minute or so. That really puts some scale on it for me. :-)

re: Vaccine hesitancy, US pol, and counterfactuals 

@mpjgregoire @technomancy The vaccines were developed during the Trump administration, and I do remember some feeling of "ugh, how is he going to mess this up". But I think liberals would have listened to expert opinions on whether the vaccines were safe and effective.

Ultimately, I think left-wing vaccine hesitancy is more often about "purity" values and that for right-wingers it's more often about "autonomy" values -- and the latter is going to have a much, much stronger reactiveness to partisan politics.

@tedu Hmm! I could have sworn there were a few, but looking now I suspect I was remembering *gene therapy* experiments, not vaccines.

(Not counting the actual adenovirus vaccine, which I just learned used to exist!)

a software patch, to help users quit software

@prehensile the horror that basically everything in history is kind of like this

@tedu That would be unfortunate. (I chose J&J as my booster, having had Moderna as my primary series.) But also seems unlikely to meβ€”isn't there a long history of using an adenovirus vector?

@jacethechicken I can never remember whether phi is the 1.618-something number or the 0.618-something number but for estimation it turns out it doesn't matter -- they're inverses of each other. :-O

@dl You mean, how would we know if the tests were good at that? I suppose we can't know for sure, but mutations are to a first approximation random, so some viral lineage would have to mutate in all three spots "simultaneously" (well, between observations). But non-detrimental mutations very much *aren't* random, so the designers of the test have probably selected sites that contain critical genes. (They also would have picked sites that don't match other viruses, which is a bit of a contrast -- high stability, but not too high!)

@dl I believe Omicron was first identified because the PCR tests check for three different genetic sequences, and some samples started coming back with only two out of three being positive.

So, luckily, the tests are pretty good at catching any drift of that nature.

@rysiek For cryptocurrency, that doesn't sound much different from how physical fiat currency is continuously worn out and destroyed. For NFTs, it doesn't matter, since nothing is actually lost. (Not even snarking, here.) But the Namecoin thing is interesting.

@technomancy Heh, I'd be tempted to grant that, but what if Oracle had won? :-P

@technomancy Speaking from having some personal knowledge... this is one of those difficult situations where someone can be right but also be a jerk, and it's not clear what the correct response is.

Sooo I got really fed up of Youtube and my addiction to their platform, and one obstacle was that I have thousands of channels subscribed to on Youtube. I created a script for you guys so you can just download the youtube subscriptions and convert them to OMPL files for use in TTRSS

a coworker of mine had a tour of the internet archive ( yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. they've got the use of an old church in san fran, and so they set up server racks in beautiful arched alcoves and leave the bulk of the space alone. it's absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish I worked there if it was outside the US.

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