@Canageek Yeah, that one is "too realistic"—people will think it's a mistake even when it's not. :-D

There's a corner store near me with an awning reading "BOSTON CONVIENCE" in huge letters along one face. (And along the other side it's spelled correctly!)

OK! Turns out that a *combination* of sucking and blowing is optimal. 🥚🎨

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:blobshrug: sucking eggs
:blobfingerguns: blowing eggs

(we're going to try making pysanky today)

You may talk about your "tragic meatsack body" but I want to remind you that it is also a *miraculous* meatsack body 

a Von Neumann replicator straight out of sci fi but made of meat

self-constructing, -monitoring, and -repairing better than anything we can design

innately capable of surviving a range of chemical, thermal, biological, and mechanical assaults for decades, even a century

building itself out of widely available local materials

that can collaborate to make more of itself in endless new combinations

a horrendously complicated assemblage of organic molecules that can, however poorly, hold a reflection of the universe inside a kilo of fat and ions.

@schratze "time warner"? I just call it an alarm.

@pho4cexa Yeah. I already have a couple of shirts that get misunderstood and that I'm leery of wearing.

At least half of my reason for buying it would be to support The Onion, since I read it for free but have gotten so much enjoyment from them over the years.

But maybe I could also just send them money.

@bad_immigrant At the very least, an intramuscular covid vaccine absolutely won't keep you from getting cold and flu type symptoms.

(Fingers crossed for the intranasal spray vaccines that are currently in development.)

But... I think it's also fine for people to be aware of their own personal risk level and make decisions accordingly. I'm honestly not that worried about getting exposed at this point, *except* for flatten-the-curve reasons.

@pho4cexa OMG, and it's even sold by The Onion, not some rando-ass site!

...I kind of want to buy this, but I'm not sure I would actually wear it?

@Canageek Probably the best you could do would be to have the server periodically hand you a certificate authenticating your character's state (including timestamp, code version, etc.), which you could then hand to another server -- and that other server may or may not decide to accept it based on whether the operators trusted each other.

This would work even if you *later* had a falling-out with the server operator.

Happy New Year, and welcome to...

*consults every date I've written in the past few days*


On a scale of 0 to 5 stars, how much do you care about your review ever being seen by anyone?

happy Public Domain Day! the first Winnie-the-Pooh book just entered the public domain in the US

but not Tigger—Tigger wasn't in a book until 1928, so you can't use him in your gritty Hundred Acre Wood noir story until 2024


I love this. It shows the changes in Dutch streets comparing how they looked in the eihties to how they look now. Car-filled before, they've become much more friendly spaces where people walk, cycle and live. Long-term urban city planning in action.


@humanetech I'm actually most struck by the massive improvement in greenspace and canopy cover. (Which is of course partially made possible by the reduction in traffic lanes.)


I like the idea of the map changing the territory in computer science resulting in crazy ideas like blockchain as a miracle cure. However, this has me wondering whether perhaps the phenomenon is more common than we realize, and that perhaps the reason that blockchain feels more ridiculous than some other examples is that it *isn't* mainstream (at least not yet).

Where else do map-territory confusions that shape the world come up? Medicine? Nutrition? Technology more broadly?

‘In most sciences people are forced to be very familiar with the idea that “the map isn’t the territory” meaning that your models of a domain are not identical with that domain. But in software the model you create does massively shape the world that people act in and – the more something happens in software – are a lot closer to the territory. Computer scientists are used to creating the model and claiming it to be the territory’ tante.cc/2021/12/20/model-worl

Article by @pluralistic about the strangeness around befuddling "rapid flips" on issues with the left: flipping pro-CIA/FBI, pro-diebold-voting-machines, anti-free-speech... what's the reason? Defining ourselves *in opposition* to "the other sportsball team" doctorow.medium.com/schizmogen

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