like, of the toxic water contaminants possible, arsenic is definitely among the most romantic. there is no mystique to fecal coliform bacteria

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Boy! It sure has been a busy day of...

<checks quarterly goals>

..."optimizing sticky eyeballs down the viral funnel." Haha, business!

every day carry. heres my every day carry. i carry my keys wallet phone. keys are VERY important - help you get into your house. wallet has a few things in it. for example money. very useful, easier than keeping it in your pocket. and the phone. i think its an apple phone. i put the keys and wallet in my right pocket and the phone in my left pocket. thats my every day carry. i hope it inspires you to see what you can do with your # hashtag Every day carry @amorphophalex ...I think you're missing the point here...

me talking to christians the same way christians talk to me (buddhist):

re: graphic injury 

@amsomniac Holy cow that's cool.

Glad you're getting stitched up, but I'm also glad you were able to share this video. Bodies are awesome.

I'm proudest of "sweating-robot" and "popcorn-fire".

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Updating my resume to highlight all the custom emoji I've made for Slack at each workplace.

:drake_dislike: Let's find a time to connect.

:drake_like: Let's play calendar battleship.

child, wondering where trash goes: well someone must have thought of a good solution for all this

adults: we put it into very large holes and then put dirt on top

child: even the plastic?

adults: especially the plastic

child: oh my god

@joshmillard Seems AI isn't quite there yet.

Midjourney prompt: "Menger sponge"

@musicmatze @nil Only if your branch needs to tell a story that spans multiple commits (e.g. refactor-then-change). Most only need one commit.

I don't like "all PRs must always be squashed into a single commit". *That's* just silly.

@trevorflowers Even without that! There's a YouTube channel I follow (NightHawkInLight) that's mostly about DIY stuff (primitive skills, air cannons, sparklers, random stuff), and it's amazing how many things he casually appropriates from their intended uses -- a steel brake line for a thermic lance, a furniture floor-protector for a flapper valve, stuff like that. And that's without tools.

(My trailer repair ended up using a chunk of I think a thick rubber gas line or whatever.)

@trevorflowers There's a fun bit in Zodiac where the main character is wandering around a hardware store looking for things to use completely differently from their intended purpose—as is traditionally done in hardware stores.

I had a moment a couple months ago, looking at a Nylabone in the pet section, thinking "if I had a lathe, this would actually be perfect for repairing my trailer hitch".

The name "house spider" is a generic term for different spiders including Chiracanthium inclusum, Badumna Insignis, Steatoda grossa, Parasteatoda tepidariorum, among others, so named for their repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 beats per minute. The species evolved due to selective pressure by Chicago's underground club culture in the late 1970s, as DJs began altering disco songs to give them a more mechanical beat.

Universal Phone Review:
Form factor: black rectangle
Screen: Same as your old phone but not as worn out/burned in
Camera: almost imperceptibly better
Battery life: Initially as good as your old phone was when it was new, then worse
Performance: see above
Looks/thickness: whatever case you end up getting off ebay
Headphone connectivity: slightly less convenient

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I feel sorry for phone reviewers, trying to type out five thousand words without breaking down and gibbering "It's a black rectangle! Just like your last phone! My job is pointless!"

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