I'm very pleased with this accidentally glitched graph, even though I still don't know quite how it happened.

Buy Auntie Jenn's Fresh Crabnarries - nary a crab, guaranteed! *

* average less than one part per million

OK, we can retire this meme now.

And I now acknowledge the Canadian government as my superior in memeing.


ominous, tbh

(hole is about a meter deep; perspective makes it unclear)

The protest closed off a bridge, with either the tacit or explicit permission of the authorities. The police seemed content to just divert and direct traffic. What they weren't so happy about was the banner drop, although when the climbers reached ground, two officers had a brief chat with them and sent them on their way—no arrests. There were approximately 38 million cameras out and recording for that exchange.

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I wanted to play with a more pleasant variant on a common meme format, but also I've been wondering this.


I tried to make a bread entirely out of 100% whole wheat starter (+ salt and sugar), but it didn't really rise, at least partly due to the cold kitchen, but probably also because too wet (100% hydration, oops) and not enough yeast food.

So I added enough flour to bring it down to 80% hydration (and 80% starter), some more sugar, and a few tsp of yeast. Refrigerated overnight, kneaded in morning, and set on warm porch to rise.

Not a lot of rise, but not too dense, and nice *sour* flavor. :-D

Bread results 

Turned out pretty well. It would have been nice if it had risen a bit more, which probably is partly due to the cold weather. The rectangular cross section is fine for sandwiches, though, and I tend to prefer bread of about this density anyhow.

I find it interesting that the bubbles are smaller towards the bottom, perhaps crushed under the weight of the rest of the dough. I wonder what would happen if you tried to make bread in zero gravity.

Definitely too much sugar in this recipe.

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Oh jeez, I'd forgotten just how much of an *affair* it is to make bread, especially from wheat. I'm trying this whole wheat recipe seriouseats.com/recipes/2019/0 and it apparently takes 8 hours in total, but with randomly sized gaps between tasks. The part with the mixer failed badly, but I think I rescued the project, and will be popping the pan into the oven soon.

No matter how this turns out, I'm going to try a no-knead recipe next. -.-

It's so satisfying to make repairs.

This little remote-control helicopter toy has a pair of contra-rotating propellers on top, and the upper propeller is connected via a linkage to a weighted stabilizer of some sort. The linkage is redundant—two little piece of plastic. And one fell off when I crashed the copter.

I managed to fashion a replacement out of the wire from a stripped twist-tie, and it works perfectly. :-)

Tracking injured animal 

Can't figure out what it is or which way it was going. D-:

The prints come in pairs of blood spots, but with an unclear shape.

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If you've been burning with curiosity as to what 27.5 lbs of pepitas vacuum-sealed in blue plastic looks like, this is your day.

(Kiwi for scale.)

silly-lewd, shitpost, infohazard, why am I even posting this 

I can't help but notice this bulge.

(worksafe image)

This morning I am thankful for: Having turned on the lights before blowing my nose.

(Pictured: A 3 cm long slug crawling on a handkerchief.)

Little buddy there probably emerged because I brought a potted plant indoors halfway through the winter.

I don't think I've ever seen "Unknown" listed as a Gender option before when you're answering about *yourself*. That's real, tho. :thaenkin:

Alternatively: "My gender is *select*, my friend. Not just some ordinary gender."

Brexit, humor (Theresa May berating a scepter) 

I don't know what's going on here, but I think I'm going to side with the scepter and/or ornate golden energy weapon.

(Also, when I glance at the image, I mistake the clasped hands of the man to the left as Theresa May shaking her fist.)

Image from theguardian.com/books/2019/jan

Lewd vegetable 

I don't think I've ever seen such a callipygian squash in my life.

Not pictured: A very large (4.5 lb), startlingly veiny sweet potato.

(Thanks to Freedom Food Farm for humoring me.)

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