This wart remover is apparently made of:

- Movie film (the flammable kind)
- Pain reliever / skin dissolver
- Tree wax
- Vodka
- Ether
- Laxative

OK, I may have taken a few liberties, but this is actually a pretty weird set of ingredients.

Active: Salicylic acid. Comes from willows and whatnot, pain reliever, but makes the outer layer of skin fall off more easily. Pain reliever, and the basis for aspirin.

And then it has camphor, castor oil, ethanol, ethyl ether, and nitrocellulose.

Nitrocellulose is guncotton/flash paper. Explosive/flammable. Mix it with camphor (a weird smelly plant resin) and you get a sort of plastic and can make movie film and guitar picks and billiard balls out of it if you don't mind them burning/exploding. Alcohol is probably in there as a solvent for the camphor.

Castor oil and ether, I could make some guesses, but they'd probably be wrong.

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