me in a black "sickos" sweater going "yes! ... ha ha ha ... yes!!" while reading about the dev intentionally breaking their npm packages

@pho4cexa OMG, and it's even sold by The Onion, not some rando-ass site!

...I kind of want to buy this, but I'm not sure I would actually wear it?

@varx yeah same, feels like too much opportunity to be suspicious/creepy/misunderstood when mixing with the non-internet-meme-literate

also feels like you'd have to resemble like the guy in the comic at least a little bit to really complete the look

also $56 is a bit rich for a plain black sweater with a logo


@pho4cexa Yeah. I already have a couple of shirts that get misunderstood and that I'm leery of wearing.

At least half of my reason for buying it would be to support The Onion, since I read it for free but have gotten so much enjoyment from them over the years.

But maybe I could also just send them money.

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