I wonder how hard it would be to make an MMO that anyone could run a server for, but you could move characters between servers, so you didn't have to start over if one shut down or the person running it turned out to be a dick.

Like, when I was in Living Greyhawk (worldwide tabletop D&D campaign) you got a certificate at the end of each adventure starting how much GP & XP you had, and any favors or magic items.

I wonder if you could do that, but attach some evidence that the server was running a known version of the code and adventure?


@Canageek Probably the best you could do would be to have the server periodically hand you a certificate authenticating your character's state (including timestamp, code version, etc.), which you could then hand to another server -- and that other server may or may not decide to accept it based on whether the operators trusted each other.

This would work even if you *later* had a falling-out with the server operator.

@varx That is what I was thinking of, yeah.

I was also thinking that if you used a modular format, sort of like how D&D modules work at conventions, it would be easy to track and verify things.

so if they have a certificate from the Dungeon of Bob, the dungeon of Bob would have a publicly known signature and list of things and amounts it can give out, so you could verify that the cryptographic signature of the version of Dungeon of Bob they played matches the known list

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