A fantastic illustration of wealth disparity in the United States. I consider myself pretty numerically savvy, but *wow* I was not prepared for this:

@varx Yeah my hands do not have the endurance to scroll through that, and there's no autoscroll.

Sure does make a point tho.

@emmy Yeah, I've half a mind to add autoscroll as a pull request. Except I'm pretty out of date on front-end stuff.

@isagalaev The new screens stop after 123 billion, by the way.

Now consider the fact that Sweden has a higher wealth inequality than the US.
Now go look it up
Now that you believe me, consider that...

*scratches chin* hmmm, this diagram proposes an interesting plan.

@varx Thanks for sharing! I find this graph very well presented. And I do appreciate the arguments that comes with it (like ).

@varx this was posted a while back and I forgot to bookmark it - thanks for the repost!

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