scifi mockumentary tv series starring Monty Don wearing prosthetic ears or something called _Gardens of the Galaxy_. i did not and will not web search to see if i'm the first to come up with this

i never saw guardians of the galaxy so as far as i know this is a bit in that movie. does not change the fact that a show with this concept and format would be the most amazing thing ever

okay apparently "gardens of the galaxy" was a whole thing like two years ago. but I really want a fictional scifi gardening show? I guess I'll just have to watch No Man's Sky farming tutorials, that's the closest thing I can think of

video game complaining 

video game complaining 

i feel like you could write a phd thesis on any given square yard of nyc sidewalk but you could only write ~1.5 paragraphs on an equivalent area of any nms planet (without immediately diving into general software/platform materiality). (i'm risking operationalizing "interestingness" here which isn't what i mean—i don't think the interestingness of these two artifacts can be compared, but this is why procgen for me is always an exploration of systems & aesthetics, not stand-in for "content")


@aparrish Also, I would totes read that dissertation.

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