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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I 

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Why I sometimes reply with image descriptions 

I want to try to go a whole day only using phrases from this book.

This book is amazing.

« It is widely believed that Carolino could not speak English, and that a French–English dictionary was used to translate an earlier Portuguese–French phrase book, _O novo guia da conversação em francês e português_, written by José da Fonseca. Carolino likely added Fonseca's name to the book without his permission in an attempt to give it some credibility. »

OK, so tonight's meal will be...

[consults "English As She Is Spoke"]

- A dainty-dishes
- Hog fat
- Vegetables boiled to a pap

...OK, maybe I'll skip dinner after all.

people come to the fediverse fleeing the speech-restricted fascist Indian state.

the safety of these individuals are in our hands as fediverse developers.

and yet today, we have the same old broken thinking of building systems that have no adversarial element to their design.

what is it going to take to get people to start taking security seriously? will somebody have to be killed by the state? nobody took me seriously when I said that people use the tools they know to work around oppression, not the tools with the best design. they found it laughable!

but here we go, it is happening. we are here, those oppressed by the state are here, and soon the state will be here. what happens next?

when somebody disappears because they put their faith in the security model we have built and it fails them (which will happen, get ready for it) will we laugh at these people for using our platform or will we actually fix things?

what is it going to take to fundamentally shift the mindset towards a security-first mantra?

My greatest achievement as a teenager was uploading a video titled "AVATAR FULL MOVIE PART 1 OF 10" to YouTube the day it was released.

It was a Seinfeld clip with the characters edited to be blue and it got 40K views.

Raccoons have no trouble climbing ladders, but this one hasn't figured out that it is a lot easier if you climb the outside so you don't have to squish between the ladder and the walkway, and then rotate 180 degrees while clinging to the ladder.

my pleroma patches got merged yesterday! thanks @kaniini

if you're running pleroma from the develop branch, you can now add this config to make it so that profiles and statuses can be shown as server-generated HTML without loading up the whole pleroma-fe JavaScript application:

config :pleroma, :static_fe,
enabled: true

see it in action here:

Listening to all 43 minutes of Aube's "Luminous", which is noise music made from sounds collected from a fluorescent light bulb, or some such.

It's actually pretty ominous and kind of anxiety-inducing and I wonder if I'm going to have bad dreams.

thanks to the crimes committed by @technomancy we now have Pleroma running on a GALAXY S 5.

Oh wasn't there a #federated thing to replace They're getting weird about pricing and everyone wants to just go back on Facebook but I'm like "please I could run a whole website for $5 I just need a FOSS web service that does it"

THEM: So what would you say are your strongest skills you would bring to this role?

ME: Well, the skill I have the most experience with is object permanence; I would say I have a very strong mastery of it.

Speaking of which, good article:

« The only way we improve our lot as workers is through collective action. That means knowing who your friends are and who your enemies are.

Here’s a hint: it’s not “boomers” – it’s that investment banker you went to high school with. »

trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

I always hear it this way:

"The Love Shack is a literal place / where we can get together"

Which raises the question: What is the *figurative* place where we can get together? (Perhaps the Love Slack?)

[Attenborough voice] "For squirrels, Autumn is a time of frantic foraging, as they need to ensure they have sufficient calories to last them through the winter. Oak and maple contribute towards this stockpile, but the greatest source of food comes on a single day early in the season. Without the copious pumpkin and dropped candy that Halloween provides, the winter could be very cold indeed."

This porch is not a porch of honor… no highly esteemed costumes are on display here… no full-size candy bars are here.

What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

The danger is in a particular location… it increases toward a center… the center of danger is here, in a large bowl.

The danger is to the body, and it can kill.

The form of the danger is concentrated sugar.

The danger is unleashed only if you eat the candy. This place is best shunned and passed by.

Philosophical question that has been making me very uncomfortable:

What is the simplest neural circuit that can feel pain?

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