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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I 


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Why I sometimes reply with image descriptions 

Sometimes when I see a toot with an image I like but it doesn't have a description, I reply with a description. Here's why, if you're curious about that!

(It got too long for toots.)

Join my crowdfunding effort to start an honor-system bank.

I keep thinking about the unintentionally Extremely Metal thing the physical therapist said to me:

π–‘π–Šπ–™ π–•π–†π–Žπ–“ π–‡π–Š π–žπ–”π–šπ–— π–Œπ–šπ–Žπ–‰π–Š

"Logon" is derived from the Greek "logos" ("speech") because when people log on they forget how to shut the fuck up

It's increasingly common for left-activists and progressives to focus on the behavior of big corporations and corporate-government partnerships in making sense of things like climate change denial and divisions withing global warming politics.

A big part of this narrative is the idea that framing environmental issues as ones of "individual responsibility" and "individual sacrifice" has been promoted by individuals and institutions that are working hard to make sure there is no meaningful change.

I believe this narrative is generally correct, but I have some uncertainties about the way this formulation sometimes gets used, and would love to hear others' thoughts.

"Work" vs. labor, and obligations #2 

And sure, all some people will be able to do is enough labor to survive, and can't do anything for others. Or they have some leisure time, but not much. OK! That's legit!

But I don't accept the image of a post-capitalist utopia in which everyone lives a life of leisure. I don't think that's healthy for individuals, and I don't think that's sustainable. There will *always* be things that need doingβ€”planting and harvesting, educating and mentoring, cleaning and building. Global warming alone will bring plenty of challenges that we'll need to meet with willing hands.

Decoupling labor from survival sounds great. But there's no world in which I would want to give up doing labor.

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"Work" vs. labor, and obligations 

"No one should have to work" is a fine sentiment that I have often agreed with, but I'm not sure I really stand by it anymore. I think it only makes sense for a certain definition of "work" and "have to"β€”the one where to survive you have to find a paying job, and things like "being a parent" don't count.

How about this, instead? "Everyone has a moral obligation to perform what labor they can for their community."

Maybe that labor is physical, emotional, spiritual, artistic, cerebral... but whatever it is, there's an awful lot of work to be done in this world.

there's something so fundamentally fucked up about not being able to replace the god damn battery in your phone

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πŸ’‘ A blank keyboard, but the keycaps have a chalkboard surface.

race shitposting (reductio ad absurdem) 

I'm white. To put it another way, I'm a group of one (1) people.

That group is 100% white, and therefore illustrates systemic racism.

Even worse, that group has made no effort to become more black!

Emojis are a trick made by non-English speaking people in order to make Americans use Unicode.

[at the post office]

"I need some stamps, please."

"What value?"




I've decided that "People just don't want to work anymore" has some serious "Girls just don't date nice guys" energy

Microsoft Teams let you join a meeting that's scheduled to happen in 2 days and lets you wait without telling you and I think that's beautiful

Weird how our media culture doesn't extend the idea of presenting both sides of the issue to economics. We'd sooner see a loon debate whether the Earth is flat than a Marxist economist debate merits of free markets.

@nev I used to try to do this on the train to work a decade and change ago, I think I was able to hold a 4-simplex in my head for like ten seconds a couple of times. It's a lot like drugs in that respect-- did I see the fourth dimension or just think I did?

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

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