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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I 


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Why I sometimes reply with image descriptions 

Sometimes when I see a toot with an image I like but it doesn't have a description, I reply with a description. Here's why, if you're curious about that!

(It got too long for toots.)

I realized that, for me, the ability to connect with strangers is one of the selling points of Mastodon.

It's the opposite of Facebook in that regard.

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One of the projects I'd like to work on this summer is finally putting together a public-facing website for myself.

I'm currently wondering about the best approach and I'm interested in input. I'm using this mini-thread to post a couple of specific questions.

Responses and / or boosts would be helpful!

I've seen this post about "Google blocking all third party email accounts starting in June" boosted quite a bit lately ( )

Please stop boosting it: the statement is untrue.

Google will continue supporting app passwords ( ). Using them requires two-step verification ( ) which you can set up with any TOTP application, no phone required.

(Citation: I use this with mutt, soon also mbsync/isync + mu4e.)

today saw that film that's won much acclaim, "All Things In All Locations In a Singular Instant". It portrays forking world-paths without count, many surpassingly odd. just think, in a distant world, our Latin script might contain a fifth glyph and not just fourth, null, sixth. a funny thought, no?

@Are0h @panina civilization sim games: this game gives you COMPLETE FREEDOM, you can shape your civilization however you like!!
also civilization sim games: oh you're not going to be a conquering empire? fuck you then

You can only step in the same clock twice a day.

I've really been enjoying Redactle, which gives you a Wikipedia article with almost all the text redacted (and no images), and it redacts words as you guess them. The goal is to eventually guess the title.

email misinfo 

Best way to send files between devices around the world: email

Best way to send files between devices in the same room: email

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Here's a very silly baby possum that tried to climb up a tree when it saw me coming:

The tree was only like 4 feet tall so this was... not a good strategy?

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Here's how I imagine Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter as having gone:

A really toxic idea is that you shouldn't ride your bike somewhere that inconveniences drivers if there's a "perfectly good" parallel bike lane 1 or 2 blocks away.

Your time's worth as much as theirs. Don't inconvenience yourself taking that detour if you don't want to.

self promo (book release), asemic text 

I have a new book out on Aleator Press! it's a collection of asemic prose poems in a small handmade letterpress edition. the book was generated with code from a nanogenmo project of mine from a few years ago (source available here:

james did such lovely work with the book design and printing. it was rewarding to work with him and I'm so glad this is finally out in the world!

Hi, everyone! I'm Cidney. I'm a freelance programmer and Linux-based game developer. I've consulted on Hero-U, Colossal Cave 3D Adventure, and other games.

I #selfhost a single-user mastodon instance, #amwriting a horror novel, and post screenshots of #indiedev stuff I'm working on. Toot s auto-expire because screencapping things out of context is creepy.

(and yay for new people fleeing the Muskverse!)

#introductions #reintroductions

I've published all of the above as a blog post:

I might come back later and add more to the post as I figure out new transforms, ways to avoid clipping, and interesting types of input images.

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