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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I 

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Why I sometimes reply with image descriptions 

hoo boy, when quarantine ends, me and my friends are gonna slap necks like giraffes warring over territory, big wind-ups, terrifying energy

If you need help convincing yourself that this is a good idea, bear in mind that other unsavory groups are preying on QAnoners right now, who might be easy pickings for radicalization into white supremacist, nationalist, or other far-right organizations.

I don't imagine it will be easy. But it's probably easier right now than four months ago or four months from now.

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If you know someone who has been sucked into the QAnon cult, now is probably a pretty good time to reach out to them.

There's a window of time right now when a lot of the QAnon believers are struggling to reconcile their beliefs with what they're seeing.

I don't actually know how to "deprogram" cultists, or whether those methods precisely apply here. I don't know whether it's best to engage them topically or just to be social and help them reconnect or something else. But if this is something you can sink energy into, now's the time to do it.

There may be Trumpist protests near my state's capitol this week.

What is a useful thing I can do? I have a half-decent telephoto lens, so I could take pictures of anyone who gets violent...

racism, fascism 


The important caveat to the headline about police being more likely to react violently to left wing protests is that ACLED has only been collecting U.S. data for about one year, so a more accurate headline would probably be "Police Three times as likely to use force against Black Lives Matter protesters than anti-lockdown and pro-Trump protesters."

So it's not clear how much of this is left-right prejudice by the police vs. racist prejudice by the police.

Given the history of the policing (, it would not be *at all* surprising if the police are indeed also much more likely to respond violently to workers protests, peace protests, etc., but the ACLED data don't quantify the answer to this question.

This NPR piece suggests that oil-producers would have had a rough year, even without the pandemic. This is *very interesting*. It would be a mistake to celebrate, though: this is a signal that it's time to fight harder.

Oh, you're a native speaker of English? Name every possible pronunciation of the letter E

Hey, Linux-users, what services do you use for automated cloud backups of your hard drives?

(please boost)

I'm trying to figure out a cost-effective and stable system with deduplication.

Santa is just the fruiting body the real Christmas stretches for miles under the permafrost

what idiot called it vaccination and not a cowpoke

I have ordered a shipment of 4 different packs of salmiakki.

My body is ready.

So, I'm interested in hosting an online chat space, and I'd like opinions.

My understanding is that the current go-to options for a lot of people are Discord and Slack, but I have a pretty strong preference to promote the use open source tools, plus it's just cool to be able to run a chat server out of our basement.

for context: Constellation Games is a sci-fi first contact story about a dork whose immediate thought when the aliens show up is that he wants to play their videogames

Over the course of the story he comes to realize that the real treasure is the fully automated luxury gay space anarchism we made along the way

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All buildings should creak from pressure changes like a submarine. Doesn't seem fair that only submariners get to experience this dread. We all deserve it.

re: Apple and "privacy" 

Covid rapid test psa 

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