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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I Show more

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Just got an email informing me that the OpenDyslexic font (available from via ) is now SIL-OFL licensed, so there shouldn't be anything standing in your way if you want to use it in a project.

I'm not dyslexic but I appreciate the scanability of the font and really like the concept overall.

"Six easy steps you can take to help control the problem of political disinformation"

(Not actually apropos of anything recent; I'm just clearing out browser tabs. Kind of evergreen, honestly.)

(If this question makes you upset, please take a moment to introspect on *why* it makes you upset.)

(Yes, I'm subtooting the interaction of social media with some current events. No, I don't want to talk about it directly.)

Question: Which of these things make someone a "murderer"?

A. Has murdered someone
B. Wants to murder someone, but won't because they think it's wrong
C. Thinks murder might be OK in some cases
D. Talks about whether murder might be OK in some cases
E. Says it should be OK for someone else to talk about whether murder might be OK in some cases

And are any of those the same thing? Do any of them require the same response?

An article on pseudoaddiction, and why it is a real thing even if the opioid peddlers used the concept to sell more drugs:

(Warning: May make you extremely angry at US medical system.)

Also, "This Old Tech Blog" sounds like a good idea for a show. 🤔

This old tech blog post somehow ended up with line breaks around clause boundaries, which I suppose is a result of 1) the author writing to an 80 column limit, and 2) a change in the formatter that started preserving those line breaks.

The result reads like free verse poetry. :-)

Kodi's Netflix and Amazon plugins live on the Kodi forum, which means the first page of a 150-page thread is installation instructions for old versions and on page 148 you find out that the newest version doesn't work



Nah mate. I'm just too damn old to download software from a forum.

Any website, really.

Tapping the "reader mode" icon in firefox while logged into the toot-lab results in an anonymized scribble wall and I think that's beautiful.

@djsundog Also, Victor Frankenstein shouldn't have tried starting a family while he was still in grad school.

Ah, the sweet sound of canning jar lids popping!

Canning is so fiddly and labor intensive but it's also pretty rad that I can just put food into suspended animation.

What if "Hush Little Baby", but reinterpreted as threats or warnings?

"Hush little baby
don't say a word,
or papa's gonna buy you
a mockingbird,
so help me he will just wait 'til he gets home"

the idea of “programming is practical and will help you get a job!” is reaaaaally getting in the way of “programming is strange and beautiful and will help you understand the world”

An attempt to reduce mosquito populations using genetic engineering has failed, and maybe made things worse:

TL;DR: GMO mosquitoes were insufficiently sterile, and now there's possibly hybrid vigor.

Look at my shocked face! Who could have predicted this!


years back i told a roommate "i'm going to nyc for a few days, want anything?" and he asked for genuine new york filth, and let me interpret what that meant.

so for the whole weekend i was there i used one napkin to touch everything in public. i used it to open bathroom doors, and on the handrails and bannisters around the subway. if something looked nasty, i would use the napkin to touch it.

i brought it back to him, shiny and black like graphite. his gf made him throw it out.

The port's open, but a friend of mine wasn't able to get me as a peer.

I guess that makes it a torren't.

Reminder: "oh, we don't talk about money" / "we don't really compare salaries here" / etc. is literal capitalist propaganda designed to keep you from recognizing the true value of your labor.

Insist on a frank discussion of the compensation you and those around you receive for your time and effort.

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