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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I 

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Why I sometimes reply with image descriptions 

shitposting about vegetables, nsfw text I guess 

Fun fact: The word "gun" comes from the name of a large ballista at Windsor Castle named "Domina Gunilda", or Lady Gunild. Gunild was a women's name, so a reasonable translation would have been Big Bertha or something.

So a "handgun" is basically a "handbertha".

Remember the year 2000 when all movies had "2000" in the name?
Who even remembers

Godzilla 2000
Dracula 2000
The 2000 Commandments
Around the World in 2000 Days
2000 Samurai
Miracle on 2000th Street
A Tale of 2000 Cities
2000 Angry Men


not a lot making me laugh out loud suddenly lately, but this did.

News In Brief
Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First

Java Installation Assistant
Java Installation Assistant helps Java keep Java up to date - on more than 50,000 lava lamps worldwide. Java Installation Assistant ensures your computer is ALWAYS installing Java

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Tired: bruh do you even skate?
Wired: bruh, do you even know what skate boarding even is anymore?

‪There has never been a time in human history where so many people can have an immediate reaction (positive or negative) to what you say, outside of public gathering of some sort‬

‪Every word is a performance of some sort. And we wonder why we’re exhausted, even in bed‬

(Note that "they shouldn't be asking about gender" and "just have a free text form and/or file upload field" are not gonna fly in this case; this is someone trying to do due diligence on diversity stuff.)

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Someone at work is soliciting feedback on a demographic questionnaire that asks about gender identity. Question for the fediverse!

*How much should I push for them to not include "transwoman" etc. in the gender question, and move trans/cis to a separate question?*

(E.g. gender identity = [man / woman / non-binary] and is your gender the same as the one you were assigned at birth = [yes / no], where both have "decline" and "fill in the blank" as well.)

Any well-written article I can send in a professional context to support this suggestion?

covid-19, economics 

(Optionally also anise seed, which I have a bunch of! And I only have whole wheat flour, but I could probably get some cake flour from a neighbor.)

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Anyone have a recipe for making licorice candy out of just licorice root, flour, and molasses?

(boosts welcome!)

This is a joke; don't actually do this 

There's a wall in Seattle that is famously covered in used chewing gum.

To try and help raise relief funds for Seattle restaurant workers, someone has set up allowing folk to donate to remove virtual gum from a virtual wall for a dollar per piece removed.

I support this.

However, that's not why I bring it to the 'verse's attention.

Nope, I think you'll be more interested in their typographical choices.

Coronavirus speculation: Dissolving in lipids? 

Holy cow. Remember the Dakota Access Pipeline? So many lifetimes ago? Which got AOC on the path to the House? The Standing Rock tribe just won a major victory; the Army Corps of Engineers was wrong to go forward without considering their concerns, court says.

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