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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I Show more

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Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

My future brother in law is a constable on Cape Cod Massachusetts who recently got a call about some bread that fell off a truck, which he later recovered, all of which is to say Show more

when you choose too small a multiplier for your tsne coordinates and end up making a writhing mass of genesis 1:1

@pbandkate oh my sweet summer child, you have so much ahead of you!

today in theological-linguistic discoveries: my orthographic/phonetic neural network proposes that between Gabriel and Raphael there is a latent angel, Garfiel

You hear the door open again, the musician walks in and takes the seat next to you, begins to play. You can't see them, but they are intimately close, and you can feel the small stirrings of air as they work their instrument. Eventually, the last piece comes to a close. They leave. You open your eyes. You stand up, walk out of the room, and never speak of it to anyone else.

You register on their site and indicate your musical preferences. A day later, a week, a month... some day, a person walks up to you on the sidewalk and beckons to you. They whisper a time and a place in your ear, then walk quickly away. You arrive, and there is a small room with just two chairs, side by side. You sit in one chair, close your eyes, and wait. You can hear just the small sounds of the building settling, faint city noise in the distance.

There's an organization around here called GroupMuse. They organize free classical music concerts in people's living rooms. The idea is to get 20's & 30's folks more exposure to classical. We hosted a few, and it was awesome to hear and see the music right up close.

A couple years ago, though, they started branching out into "massivemuses", which are large events, hosted in some public or commercial venue, requiring tickets. So like... a concert. Odd choice.

I think they should go the opposite direction:

I like that the duckduckgo image search for "rose plot" seems to alternate between images matching the statistical sense and the horticultural sense of the term

I love it when I get an email about changes to a service that I no longer care about and it's like "Action Required" and I'm like "you don't get to tell me what to do"

"That pond it seems me many multiplied of fishes. Let us amuse rather to the fishing. " --

"English As She Is Spoke is the common name of a 19th-century book written by Pedro Carolino, and falsely additionally credited to José da Fonseca, which was intended as a Portuguese–English conversational guide or phrase book, but is regarded as a classic source of unintentional humour, as the given English translations are generally completely incoherent. "

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There's a street performer and I'm dYING
He was posing for someone and he was like "one more for FB... and one more for Grindr"
"Gentlemen, if you don't know what that is, download it and make some new friends"
"It's like Pokemon Go except all you catch are bears"

This was an interesting read. UK politics, but it doesn't end up really being *about* UK politics. Some interesting words here on what it means to be sorry for someone, at the intersection with political correctness.

if you can think of convolutional neural networks as inherently cubist, there's a certain irony in the use of CNNs for image captioning—Cubist practice was at least partially intended to call attention to how visual perception works in order to distance painting from narrative and symbolism. but image captioning networks use a "complete and decisive enumeration of the various elements" of an image in order to turn them back into their "symbolic" representation (e.g., a textual description)

If you die in Tetris, you die in real life!

I mean, eventually.

Overheard at Balticon teardown, about a picnic: "It's in a covered area. Covered by bees."

In a city where dueling in the street for honor still occurs, a duelist is judged by the number of families they adopt to make up for any lives lost to their blade.

The most dangerous, scarred and deft, almost bankrupting themselves sending holiday cards and gifts, attending every reunion, replacing every son and daughter they've cut down, becoming everyone's dutiful child.

"Don't ever cross the Scarlet Mask! They say they have thirty families!"

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