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The other day I was sure I had seen an otter crossing the road, but on second thought, I Show more

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If you've been burning with curiosity as to what 27.5 lbs of pepitas vacuum-sealed in blue plastic looks like, this is your day.

(Kiwi for scale.)

use poly-inclusive language. instead of saying

“is your better half coming?”


“can we expect one of the many people who is objectively better than you?”

I can report that walking on eggshells (barefoot) is equal parts painful and ticklish.

(Any other idioms that need testing?)

Handy "Wild West" to "Weird West" conversion table:

gunslinger --> bullet rat
cowpoke --> bovimancer
struggling farmer --> dust mouther
devil at the crossroads --> devil inside each and every gaze, from every porch, from behind every screen, in the hearts of every townsfolk and every beast that scuttles across the land and ain't nuthin' gonna save you, an' yer guts is measured by how many claw marks you leave in the dirt when you's dragged to Hell


A professional muay thai fighter was thrown out of the sport for illegal augmentations. He had titanium reinforcements bolted into his shins.

@cwebber INDEED

So you know how Back In The Past we had _travel agents_ do this sort of thing? And how, even further in the past, people rarely travelled and we assumed that travelling took tons of prep time? This is -- to me -- all of a piece with how a ton of fiddly expensive-if-you-make-a-mistake labor has emerged or shifted onto the middle class's shoulders, without commensurate logistical, psychological, or financial support for that shift

Google: the future of games is streaming

Me: a buff sexy anime guy that plays fighting games:

From Facebook:

"Anyone who wants to run housing, employment or credit ads will no longer be allowed to target by age, gender or zip code."

Now do this for political ads.

there's something really magical about spending a few hours in a workshop and creating a thing

it doesn't really even matter what the thing is, just spending personal time and energy on putting together an object with your hands automatically imbues that object with a certain energy that nothing mass-produced will ever have

With all the male/female nomenclature for fasteners and electronics connectors, I suppose this was inevitable:

video tutorials don't count as documentation for anything

there, I said it

Today's XKCD was about Luna 2, a Soviet lunar impactor. Our first artificial object to touch another astronomical body.

I looked up Luna 1. Apparently there was a programming error that screwed up one of the burns, and it missed the Moon.

It's still out there, orbiting the Sun.

And I realized... someday, someone is gonna go out there and get it, and bring it back, and put it in a museum.

Or they'll go get it, and then launch it straight at the Moon. X-D

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