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just a heads up if ur boosting tankies or posting tankie takes we will unfollow u, we don’t have any tolerance for authoritarianism and genocide apologia

420, anarchopol shitpost 

weed vapers should get a council equal to other worker councils

everyone’s talking about MtF but nobody ever talks about RtE (radiohead to evangelion)

alternately is there like any good sci fi out that we should watch lol

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is stargate SG-1 still worth picking up now? haven't seen any of it ever

ph, 420 

alright folks this sore throat sucks but so does not being high n its been a couple days do i

ph-, 420 mention 

noooo my throat is still sore n i cant smoke weed 🥺

mh/ph-, species dysphoria 

rly not a fan of this whole fleshsuit thing all it seems to do is make me is sick and dysphoric


shoutout to the prof that got upset when i called denmark fascist, sorry 4 being correct

Getting tased repeatedly in the junk, #notasexthing it's just to build up an immunity


abolish the police isn't nearly enough anymore. it should be mass nuremberg trials and de-nazification for the police at the bare fucking minimum

fox news anchors/execs, every high-level republican politician, and most of the democratic leadership should be put on trial for abetting/inciting genocide. this shit is only going to go further off the edge and if we don't want mass killings the fascists need to be rooted out

uspol-, coup 

the violence wont stop until america is choked to death

this year im just gonna be more obnoxiously dykey on main and ur all gonna love me for it

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