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@polymerwitch i went with meme answer bc i do not have either LMAO had a meh therapist who cut me loose recently, haven't had a good one since like 2019

@nova i got off a couple months ago and it was a bit of a game changer, esp for short term memory

@fluffy @vantablack i snagged a japanese copy a while back, just need to mod my ps2 for it! rly wanna play it irl for the first time

@polymerwitch oh yeah, turns out we just ended up with a social singularity instead lol, at least for now

ph/transition +++ 

@DangerDyke good shit! i might have a similar thing happening w/ FFS :O

@witchy vs me "oh wow some people DONT see the light lines??"

@kelly have u considered that i, in fact, have magical powers

@boobs_idiot thanks now im going to be listening 2 this shit all day

@elilla its an older one, but theres a video where she compares capitalists to evil reptile people and then doubled down when folks called her out

@elilla yeah contras production value tends to be high, big shame she's an antisemitic pick-me

covidpol, alcohol mention 

its amazing how u can say "drunk drivers shouldn't have custody over their kids" and nobody bats an eye but when u say "folks who are unvaccinated by choice shouldn't have custody over their kids" normies freak out

chinapol, uspol, tankiepol 

hey since i saw it floated on the timeline, if u think china or the US are anything but settler colonial capitalist hellholes u can go ahead and block me, china is not "socialist", wiping out the tibetan and uyghur cultures isn't socialist, its war on terror imperialist bullshit and im not standing for it


@junebug i would def cancel going to seattle, i got it prob wearing a KN95 in a grocery store, i'm almost certain at least 2 or 3 folks on the plane (and countless others in the airport, some eating unmasked) will have it

@ItsMorgan republicans want to keep up their herrenvolk bullshit and kill folks who dont vote for them, which is why they're letting it rip. and dems are feckless eugenicists who've hitched themselves to republicans with triangulation which is why they aren't doing anything either

@ItsMorgan ehhh china isnt socialist, its the same settler colonial hypercapitalist hell as stateside shit is, they just think that disabling their workforce is a bad move medium-long term, especially with the coming dependency ratio crunch the country will be facing in a decade or two

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