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gonna update the bio bc some shit has changed! hi we’re the kuiper system, body age is 21 and most of us go with that, i’m ada and i front the most, im a girl and this flesh suit kinda sucks tbh. u might see ixion every now and then, xe sometimes co-fronts with me as well, and xyr the original host as far as we know. posts will broadly be about trans shit, weed, plurality, blideo blames n anarchist shit. there will be hornyposts, u have been warned

pol shitpost 

degrowth, but only 4 disney adults

covid+, vaccine 

we got a...number one victory royale

ableism, straight edge- 

context here is i saw a flier for some vegan straight edge band and it was talking about getting off drugs and living a "clean" lifestyle like what weird fashy shit is this

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ableism, straight edge- 

hey straight edge fucks stop trying to make veganism being about not doing drugs, ur disgusting ableism is showing and i hate ur shitty dudebro culture

plural, cursedpost, uspol 

system that is just several bush family factives

turns out the people who play toontown at 3am r really good at it

uspol-, white bullshit 

shoutout to the twitter dot com user with "unceded coast salish territory" in her bio praising democratic senators and bidens press secretary, thats very decolonial and cool of u


thinking of playing ff14, what r the fun mages or other good classes for ppl who dont know shit abt the game


just a heads up if ur boosting tankies or posting tankie takes we will unfollow u, we don’t have any tolerance for authoritarianism and genocide apologia

420, anarchopol shitpost 

weed vapers should get a council equal to other worker councils

everyone’s talking about MtF but nobody ever talks about RtE (radiohead to evangelion)

alternately is there like any good sci fi out that we should watch lol

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is stargate SG-1 still worth picking up now? haven't seen any of it ever

ph, 420 

alright folks this sore throat sucks but so does not being high n its been a couple days do i

ph-, 420 mention 

noooo my throat is still sore n i cant smoke weed 🥺

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